Zimbabwe's Building Infrastructure & Construction Exhibition Debuts in Harare

ZimBuild, The Building Infrastructure and Construction Industry Exhibition one ZimBuild debuts 22-25 September 2011 at the Harare Civic Centre Site, Robert Mugabe Road West, Harare Zimbabwe. Co-located with the Living Vogue, the Exhibition brings together the most comprehensive array of products, equipment and services in Zimbabwe and the largest number of local and international professionals (developers, specifiers, contractors and distributors) in the built environment sector under one roof. Standing at the heart of the energy and financial challenges facing construction, it is the venue of choice where professionals of all kinds meet, where the technical solutions emerge that will form part of the construction and sustainable development projects of tomorrow. 

Acknowledging the strategic importance of relations and value chains within and external to the industry, and recognizing the challenges facing the sector, ZimBuild debuts under the theme:- Activating sustainable value chains in the built environment. 

As a major catalyst for the spread of new developments, ZimBuild is also the venue where construction manufacturers choose to launch their technological innovations. The exhibition will showcase all that's new, innovative and sustainable for the building construction trades and property industry professionals. It is Zimbabwe's one-stop shop exhibition for the building construction and allied trades offering an unparalleled opportunity to experience the forefront of the sector.

The inaugural event features the largest and most comprehensive exhibit of domestic and international specialist planning, building and construction companies and their products available in Zimbabwe. The exhibition layout has been designed to maximize a learning experience for the visitor with ease of movement and convenience in mind. Major categories include Enablers:-land owners, financiers, land developers, providers of infrastructure (water, roads and power) …. Suppliers of Heavy Duty Construction Equipment, The Professionals Suite:- among others Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Planners, The Input Supplies Warehouse: suppliers of products and services to the trade:- including bricks, cement, sand, quarry stones, steel, aluminum, tools of the trade, The Contractors Den, The Finishings and Coatings Zone, Living Vogue:-The Interior Design and Soft Furnishings, Landscape Designers and the Professional Development Suite incorporating Careers. There is a dedicated Product Demonstration and Applications in Action Theatre. 

The site layout expresses both the structure of the industry in general and the value chains that must be activated to energize the sector.

The Conference running concurrently with this exhibition will present a fantastic platform for the industry to face the topical trending issues in our operations, matters very close to our hearts and minds. Running under the same theme, the conference is scheduled to focus on among others topics relating to financing and public private partnerships, sustainable building with special emphasis on Green Building, matters pertaining to indigenization in the sector, Standards in Building and Construction Sector, Universal Designs and human resource development with special focus on training for professionals and allied trades. There has also been plenty of discussion about and sustainable building and living but until now, there hasn't been a one stop destination for designers to gather information, review legislation, compare product specifications or meet manufacturers and suppliers

The involvement of the Professional Zimbabweans in the Diaspora keen to take up this forum to make a positive contribution to their home land, will reinforce the activation of sustainable value chains in the built environment. An important objective of the exhibition of this nature is to promote networking and links among participants. It offers opportunities to small and historically disadvantaged contractors to participate effectively themselves. The recognition of excellence through merit awards adjudicated by industry players will highlight the importance of innovation, professionalism and new frontiers in our trade. 

Information about suppliers of products and services in the sector remains scarce. Many Zimbabwean companies and individuals still travel to regional suppliers especially South Africa and Botswana. Many regional players go beyond to Europe and China in search of supplies that Zimbabwe has. It has been very difficult to stay informed on ever changing product developments and industry news, and to answer consumer questions and product demand with regards to lifestyle and building choices - especially with what's available in Zimbabwe. Therefore ZimBuild is a great platform for professionals, suppliers of goods and services, both industrial and domestic consumers at large to see the best of what is actually available here in Zimbabwe. 

The Conference offers plenty of opportunities to listen to some of the industries leaders present their ideas on the future of Building and Construction in Zimbabwe and some of the trending topics in the industry.

Raising awareness on the importance of education within the building and construction and design industry to address skills shortage sees ZimBuild presents various learning platforms for 2011 offer free attendance for students and apprentices and practitioners looking to advance their expertise. The exhibition is designed to promote synergy between the actors of vocational training, university, companies in developing, including meetings between professionals through lectures on topics specifically targeted and put into a business relationship. The Builders of Tomorrow Initiative, linking the next generation of up-and coming professionals with the products, training and opportunities available within the industry. 

ZimBuild brings design to life for students. In this highly interactive exhibition, students from the built environment are invited to explore the exhibition floor, view design exhibits, speak to suppliers, and learn about professional careers and directions from professionals associated the various professional institutes and associations. The workshop component of the experience includes an opportunity for students to ask questions in both a Q&A format and one-on one with suppliers and professionals. All professionals are welcome to participate in the audience and join the panelists in talking one-on-one with the students after the presentation. This is a great opportunity to meet tomorrow's colleagues and employees and to enrich the profession and industry.

Understanding the ever increasing importance of staying 'ahead of the game', ZimBuild launches concurrently with innovation awards in several categories. Judged by industry experts, the dedicated display of the latest and most innovative products available in the market covers all exhibiting categories featured throughout ZimBuild. 

The Event is also providing an exclusive and exceptional platform to engage and interface with the Diaspora professionals in the sector, who have expressed keen interest to co-operate with their home-based counterparts in Zimbabwe

For further information and registration details please go to http://www.zimbuild.co.zw