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50041 2019 Trends from a Quantity Surveyor Perspective
50040 PASA plays important role in rejuvenation of Joburg inner city
50034 Extensive survey shows Quality of Life improving in Gauteng
50031 South Africa needs to refresh how it manages by-products from mining
50026 Neolith® Phedra - Shock of the New
50020 On the brink: why 2019 may be another bad year for beleaguered Mali
50019 How Nigeria can attract and keep the right kind of foreign direct investment
49992 Why massive effort needs to be put into growing trees on farms
49991 Taking Africa's democratic temperature as a dozen countries prepare for polls
49987 Why Buildings Collapse in Nigeria, By Society of Engineers
49966 Invitation to serve on the Awards Advisory Sub-Committee
49964 Venice 2030, a multi-stakeholder dialogue to improve localizing financing of the SDGs
49949 Call for Submissions: 2018 Holiday Card Challenge
49948 UNESCO and UIA to begin Designating Cities as "World Capitals of Architecture"
49946 8th Africities Summit: envisioning the future for the African region
49940 Southern Africa must brace itself for more tropical cyclones in future
49934 Nigeria's 2019 election: a two-horse race with uninspiring candidates
49913 Window Blinds & Green Living
49908 How we calculated the age of caves in the Cradle of Humankind -- and why it matters
49892 South African court resets power balance between villagers, mines and chiefs
49875 Chefchaouen Declaration-Charter of the Intermediary Cities of the World
49869 Promoting a new approach to Sustainable Cities and Territories of Africa: UCLG gets ready for the Africities 8 Summit!
49856 Book on Steinhoff's demise shows danger of 'big men' business leaders
49855 Sanctions are being lifted against Eritrea. Here's why
49852 Africa Investment Forum 2018: African Development Bank achieves significant progress with energy projects across Africa
49851 The World Forum on Urban Violence calls on cities to grow into their role as peacekeepers
49847 Why removal of South Africa's tax boss is key to Ramaphosa's chances of success
49845 Cities of peace, democratic cities for all: Our priorities for the following years
49839 South Africa is set on fixing its economy. But will poor people benefit?
49831 Gauteng Quality of Life Survey annoucement
49830 AfriSam-SAIA Awards for 2017/18 announced
49829 South Africa's commissions of inquiry: what good can they do?
49815 How the colonial past of botanical gardens can be put to good use
49813 Can the centre hold, or will South Africa get its own Bolsonaro?
49799 Explainer: lessons from the collapse of a small South African bank
49786 Namibia's long-standing land issue remains unresolved
49785 South African voters are moving beyond party loyalty: they want delivery
49776 Did South Africa's investment summit mark a game-changing moment?
49763 Why the clamour for a referendum in Kenya is ill- timed and ill-advised
49762 ANC will go to the polls with only one major asset: its president Ramaphosa
49760 New stone-clad finishes made of real stone available in SA
49745 Bolsonaro's victory is likely to see Brazil scale down Africa interests
49743 South Africa's jobs summit failed to tackle the hard issues
49731 South Africa's new finance minister postpones tough decisions
49711 Why South Africa can't make a massive shift to renewables - yet
49709 Snap shot pictures of poverty in Nigeria aren't accurate. Here's the real deal
49696 Zimbabwe's economy is collapsing: why Mnangagwa doesn't have the answers
49694 Why Ramaphosa's "new dawn" will break slowly for South Africa's finances
49688 Why journalists in South Africa should do some self-reflection
49676 Why the World Bank's optimism about global poverty misses the point