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49244 SA ward councillors in court after alleged police brutality
49239 Kabila's decision to step aside won't change the DRC's power dynamics
49235 Woody plants on the march: trees and shrubs are encroaching across Africa
49198 Bribery and buying favours: why Uganda's MPs want longer terms
49197 South Africans differ on land reform. But there needs to be a meeting of minds
49183 Will Zimbabwe's messy election get messier -- or will a new path be taken?
49181 When temperatures rise, so do crime rates: evidence from South Africa
49168 SACAP Registrar Marella O’Reilly Suspended : Yashaen Luckan Removed as President
49164 Land claims in South Africa: it's about the meaning of the land, not just money
49162 Two narratives are being spun about Zimbabwe’s poll. Which one will win the day?
49155 Zimbabwe's historic elections: a case of leopards not changing their spots
49154 A false new dawn for Zimbabwe: what I got right, and wrong, about the mood
49141 The BRICS summit: important small steps, but little to show on big issues
49118 Why Zimbabwe's first elections after the Mugabe ouster are so significant
49114 Why Nigeria had good reasons to delay signing Africa's free trade deal
49109 Mali's next president: some 'what ifs' for the 2018 elections
49108 As global headwinds batter countries in BRICS, can it stay the course?
49107 Why South Africa needs to discipline the private healthcare industry
49097 A vicious online propaganda war that includes fake news is being waged in Zimbabwe
49096 A tale of two Chinas: the story of South Africa's switch from Taipei to Beijing
49067 SACAP Monthly Training Records (MTR) portal - technical issues
49063 ITC-SA to host CPD accredited Timber Conference at Interbuild Africa
49059 Trade Opportunities abound at milestone edition of Decorex Joburg
49042 Zimbabwe poll: the bar for success is low, the stakes are high and it's a close race
49037 Ring Fencing : Push for economic transformation continues in South Africa
49035 What peace will mean for Eritrea -- Africa's 'North Korea'
49024 Nigerian children recount the challenges they face working in a city
49023 Why smart policies are key to solving the world’s clean water problems
49013 Right to Housing and Right to the City: cities from across the world come together to launch a common message
48997 Finding ways to keep communities alive after mine closures
48994 Kazan was Mentioned Specially by the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize
48992 Varsity course to help transform SA’s urban landscape
48991 Grayston Drive bridge collapse inquiry completes its work
48989 Towards the Localization of the SDGs
48985 Intermediary cities meet at their 1st World Forum to set priorities and define new commitments towards sustainable development
48970 Global Youth Culture Forum
48969 How UCLG contributes to the SDGS
48958 AFRISAM-SAIA Award Shortlisted Projects Announced
48953 How The Digital Revolution Will Make Cities Produce Everything They Consume… Again
48949 How Ethiopia and Kenya have put a world heritage site in danger
48944 South Africa's expropriation plan to exclude black-owned land
48938 Collapsed bank CEO cases points to weaknesses in Nigeria's justice system
48936 New healthcare plan promises to overhaul South Africa's massively skewed system
48923 DRC faces upsurge of violence unless a deal is done with Kabila
48920 Ramaphosa's efforts will fail unless corrupt officials are brought to book
48916 Cities for adequate housing
48912 To fix South Africa's dysfunctional state, ditch its colonial heritage
48906 The long and short of South African school commutes: a case study
48876 South Africa's universal health care plan falls short of fixing an ailing system
48850 MBSA gravely concerned by reports of intimidation on SA construction sites