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48783 GROHE Essence : A New Era of Bathroom Design
48782 New Room Settings Feature at Decorex Joburg 2018
48776 Why ordinary people must have a say in water governance
48775 Capturing the Soweto Uprising: South Africa's most iconic photograph lives on
48768 With real focus and diverse policies, Nigeria can tackle its energy issues
48767 Zeitz MOCAA Wins Best Tall Building Middle East & Africa Award
48766 Peter Rich at 2018 Venice Biennale
48764 Sandton Gate Breaks Ground
48753 Ramaphoria in South Africa: just a honeymoon, or the start of true love?
48750 Budget to reveal how Kenya plans to deliver on ambitious priorities
48745 There's a new way of measuring poverty in South Africa: Here's how it works
48729 Ugandan budget: Striking the balance between infrastructure and social sectors is key
48728 President Ramaphosa attends G7 Leaders’ Summit
48709 Making SDG5 happen! Local and regional governments are already taking action for gender equality #EDD18
48694 Why Libya's new elections might not put the country back on track
48690 How sub-Saharan Africa can harness its big electricity opportunities
48676 How CCTV surveillance poses a threat to privacy in South Africa
48667 Ethiopia's Ahmed has inspired calm. But he must act quickly on promises
48655 Imagining together a more sustainable urban future in the 1st UCLG World Forum of Intermediary Cities
48654 Local and regional governments and metropolitan regions offer partnership to the G7 leaders
48634 How South Africa is tightening its tobacco rules
48622 Local government in South Africa is in crisis. How it can be fixed
48614 When the poor sponsor the rich: Rwanda and Arsenal FC
48613 Tanzania's latest clampdown takes decades of repression to new lows
48611 South Africa needs to reverse corporate capture of agricultural policy
48601 Engendering metropolitan spaces in the context of global agendas: launch of the metropolis observatory issue paper #4
48600 Prospect of mining on OIifants River estuary alarms fishermen
48587 UCLG Annual Report 2017
48578 Why the Pan-African Parliament must clean up its act if it wants to survive
48567 Kenya illustrates both the promise as well as the pitfalls of devolution
48557 Monitoring infrastructure development through drone tech
48543 South Africa's municipal electricity tariffs are hurting the economy
48533 Ramaphosa's new dawn: much better, but not nearly enough
48518 Presidential term limits: slippery slope back to authoritarianism in Africa
48508 Monitoring the global agenda in municipalities: the Mandala tool
48501 Democracy in peril: Burundi's referendum will cement Nkurunziza's grip on power
48500 Banning charcoal isn't the way to go. Kenya should make it sustainable
48498 Why economic questions are key to Africa's media freedom debate
48485 Why nuclear power for African countries doesn't make sense
48470 South Africa is learning the ropes of coalition politics - and its inherent instability
48460 Cape Town councillor promises new social housing by 2019
48458 South African Government’s plan to fast-track land reform
48455 No acting building control officer for Joburg after ANC, EFF rejection
48454 Joburg building approvals grind to a halt
48451 Why Renamo leader's death could have a major impact on Mozambique
48434 Explainer: who will be doing what under South Africa's new 'Twin Peaks' model
48421 Hundreds of teachers protest as KZN MEC tables budget
48416 Kenyatta-Raila pact will only herald real change if promises are followed by action
48406 For 15 years South Africans in North West have been getting angrier. Here's why
48400 Cities are leading by example in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals