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49662 Universities need to take note of the gap between expectations and experience
49656 Ties between African countries and China are complex. Understanding this matters
49637 China, Kenya relations and the question of racial discrimination
49632 South Africa's economy is in a mess. New finance minister must hit the road running
49624 Why South Africa should look to biomass for clean, water-wise energy
49608 What latest assessment on global warming means for southern Africa
49605 Don't Miss Autodesk University Africa
49602 Africa can get more from its minerals by building industries to service mines
49584 Does sunny South Africa really have an ideal climate for tourism?
49579 For Africa's people, culture and heritage are a form of liberation
49560 Why Nigeria is not prepared to deal with flooding
49553 Ferndale on Republic Reimagines Brightwater Commons
49551 Delivering Healthcare Architecture that is right for Africa
49548 Sustainable Cities Dialogue: Urban Governance at the Heart of the Implementation of the SDG11
49546 Why do people work? Respect trumps money in South Africa case study
49530 Community lessons on how humans and wildlife can co-exist
49528 Why Namibians want fresh impetus behind land reform
49520 Mali faces a turning point as the country prepares for legislative poll
49518 South African court frees cannabis from colonial and apartheid past
49515 Empowering women lies at the centre of controlling population growth in Africa
49514 Igniting public space at the Chale Wote street art festival in Accra
49497 The British Council's Mandela exhibition: history or corporate whitewash?
49485 DHK Reveals Design for New Capitec Bank HQ in Stellenbosch
49484 Dulux Announces Colour of the Year 2019 : Creme Brulee
49483 ISCA Launches a NEw Range of Colourful Taps
49477 African countries aren't doing enough to prepare for rising sea levels
49476 Does South Africa have a microplastics problem? Our research says yes
49467 People across Africa have to travel far to get to a hospital. We worked out how far
49465 South Africans come off second best as politicians play havoc with coalitions
49463 Working out what's fair in conservation in sub-Saharan Africa
49460 Why there's resistance to coal mining at a world heritage site in South Africa
49450 Crime Stats : South Africa's Horror Story
49433 Philips Lighting Showcasing Lighting Innovations at Africa LED Expo
49425 Why linking rural and urban areas matters for development: a Ghana case study
49418 Investigations underway into provincial office building fire
49417 South Africa's political parties are a useless bunch
49412 Explainer: what there is to know about South Africa's aquifers
49409 How solar kits and battery lamps are replacing kerosene across Africa
49365 Expropriate unused land for human settlements - Ekurhuleni Mayor
49356 Zimbabwe: a future finely balanced between democracy and militarisation
49329 Sonko Halts Construction of City's Tallest Building
49317 Kenyatta has his work cut out for him as he navigates Trump's world
49316 It's time for governments to help their citizens deal with cybersecurity
49315 What changing the ownership of South Africa's central bank will, and won't, do
49309 Don't blame women for leaving fields like engineering. Blame bad attitudes
49306 How Africa can up its game on water management for agriculture
49295 New database puts African education research at the heart of policy and practice
49282 How new Silk Road will cement China as major trading partner for Africa
49275 100% Design South Africa Award Winners
49274 Impressive Exhibitors and Top Design Mark The 25th Decorex Joburg