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15.01.2019 Zimbabwe Bold steps Mnangagwa should be taking instead of fiddling with the petrol price 0.0 3 hours 53 min
13.01.2019 South Africa Ramaphosa sets out a bold vision for South Africa. But can he pull it off? 0.1 9 min 59 sec
10.01.2019 Congo - DRC Tshisekedi’s victory in the DRC is historic -- but controversial 0.1 10 min 1 sec
14.12.2018 South Africa Why the ANC itself is the chief impediment to Ramaphosa’s agenda 0.0 1 day 3 hours
13.12.2018 International Lessons from the massive Siemens corruption scandal one decade later 0.0 16 hours 23 min
12.12.2018 South Africa More than half the plots earmarked for backyarders in Cape Town’s southern suburbs are on wetlands 0.0 16 hours 23 min
10.12.2018 International The 18th IOPD Conference in Barcelona claims cities as the main spaces for democratic innovation 0.0 23 hours 23 min
02.12.2018 Africa Taking Africa's democratic temperature as a dozen countries prepare for polls 0.0 2 days 3 hours
22.11.2018 Congo - DRC Poll in the DRC looms. But the election is unlikely to bring change 0.0 1 day 8 hours
22.11.2018 International Workshop on European local governments for human rights 0.3 30 min 26 sec
16.11.2018 Africa 19th Session of the United Cities and Local Governments Africa Executive Committee in Marrakech 0.0 1 day 9 hours
14.11.2018 International The Community of Practice on #CitiesforHousing meets in Madrid to define a joint strategy 0.0 14 hours 53 min
12.11.2018 International The UCLG World Council in Madrid places local governments at the heart of building peaceful and resilient societies 0.0 2 days 2 hours
12.11.2018 South Africa Why removal of South Africa's tax boss is key to Ramaphosa's chances of success 0.0 20 hours 1 min
06.11.2018 South Africa Can the centre hold, or will South Africa get its own Bolsonaro? 0.0 6 hours 5 min