National security

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12.09.2018 South Africa South Africa won't become less violent until it's more equal 0.0 23 hours 46 min
28.08.2018 International A learning seminar on the implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction took place in Astrakhan 0.0 1 day 6 hours
04.06.2018 South Africa How CCTV surveillance poses a threat to privacy in South Africa 0.0 11 hours 17 min
29.05.2018 Kenya Kenya's new cybercrime law opens the door to privacy violations, censorship 0.0 1 day 5 hours
14.03.2018 Africa How the free movement of people could benefit Africa 0.0 23 hours 27 min
13.02.2018 South Africa Monitoring populations helps to put the right health services in place 0.0 3 days 15 hours
05.02.2018 South Africa Why treating water scarcity as a security issue is a bad idea 0.0 3 days 6 hours
23.01.2018 Zimbabwe Zimbabweans in SA tied up in red tape as permit deadline approaches 0.0 4 days 23 hours
13.11.2017 Africa Niger: a reminder of why the US military's presence in Africa needs constant scrutiny 0.0 2 days 2 hours
26.10.2017 Africa Private security in Africa: time to regulate the bad and harness the good 0.0 1 day 29 min
25.10.2017 South Africa Gate security guards are not enough to keep schools safe, say parents 0.0 3 days 7 hours
24.10.2017 South Africa South Africa's police: at times proud, at times shamed by the work they do 0.0 22 hours 38 min
25.09.2017 South Africa Whose keeping an eye on South Africa's spies? Nobody, and that's the problem 0.0 22 hours 49 min
14.09.2017 International Keep Your Home Safe with Wireless Cameras 0.0 21 hours 32 min
07.09.2017 South Africa Leaked emails: Ramaphosa’s hypocrisy on spying by the South African state 0.0 2 days 23 min