Mediterranean Interregional Commission

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22.01.2019 International UCLG and UNICEF meet to strengthen future collaboration 0.6 1 hour 7 min
18.01.2019 International Cities and local governments lead the actions on the role of culture in sustainable development 0.3 1 hour 31 min
14.12.2018 International Launch of the Peer Learning Note 24 on Local and Regional Disaster Risk Reduction 0.0 23 hours 1 min
10.12.2018 International The 18th IOPD Conference in Barcelona claims cities as the main spaces for democratic innovation 0.0 23 hours 1 min
27.11.2018 Africa 8th Africities Summit: envisioning the future for the African region 0.0 1 day 2 hours
16.11.2018 Africa 19th Session of the United Cities and Local Governments Africa Executive Committee in Marrakech 0.0 1 day 7 hours
13.11.2018 International The World Forum on Urban Violence calls on cities to grow into their role as peacekeepers 0.0 1 day 6 hours
12.11.2018 International The UCLG World Council in Madrid places local governments at the heart of building peaceful and resilient societies 0.0 10 hours 26 min
28.09.2018 International Cities as academic laboratories: UCLG and 15 universities conclude the CityLab Project 0.0 11 hours 10 min
28.09.2018 International UCLG Regional Sections and the Global Covenant of Mayors discuss first common steps to localize climate action 0.0 19 hours 46 min
19.09.2018 International International Seminar on 'Cultural Rights and Peace in the City' 0.0 2 days 16 hours
12.07.2018 International Intermediary cities meet at their 1st World Forum to set priorities and define new commitments towards sustainable development 0.0 7 hours 16 min
26.06.2018 International Strengthening collaboration with local authorities crucial for localizing the global agendas 0.0 7 hours 15 min
21.06.2018 International OBS: a global website on culture, cities and SDGs 0.0 21 hours 52 min
23.05.2018 International UCLG World Congress and World Council 0.0 19 hours 22 min