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13.12.2018 International Lessons from the massive Siemens corruption scandal one decade later 0.5 1 hour 58 min
17.10.2018 International PSI and UCLG ask for better labour statistics for local and regional government workers worldwide 0.0 5 hours 50 min
10.06.2018 South Africa President Ramaphosa attends G7 Leaders’ Summit 0.0 1 day 16 hours
30.05.2018 International Decentralization, Local financing and Localization of the Sustainable Development Goals, key topics at the 13th annual DeLoG meeting 0.0 2 days 2 hours
02.04.2018 Mozambique Why natural resource finds are more than just a curse: the case of Mozambique 0.1 2 hours 1 min
12.03.2018 International GOLD V Report to inform about the localization of the SDGs at the local and regional level 0.0 1 day 16 hours
12.02.2018 Africa Africa needs to invest more in its water professionals 0.0 1 day 16 hours
01.12.2017 International Expert Group Meeting on Subnational Finance and Financing for Development 0.0 1 day 16 hours
28.06.2017 International The challenge of financing sustainable urbanization is not only unresolved but largely ignored! 0.0 1 day 17 hours
01.06.2017 Africa Two years of implementation of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda: mixed results for local governments 0.0 1 day 20 hours
31.05.2017 Kenya Why the Lamu coal plant doesn't make sense. Kenya has better energy options 0.0 1 day 16 hours
24.05.2017 International National Urban Policies: Implementing the SDGs and the New Urban Agenda 0.0 1 day 16 hours
01.12.2016 International The Global Partnership on Effective Development Cooperation commits to empower local governments to localize the SDGs 0.0 1 day 17 hours
23.11.2016 International Highlights of COP 22 for local and regional governments 0.0 1 day 16 hours
04.11.2016 Africa The rubber will hit the road for developing countries at COP22 in Marrakech 0.0 1 day 17 hours