July 2016

Britain's Prince Harry in Malawi to Help Move 500 Elephants

Britain's Prince Harry landed in Malawi on Tuesday to support wildlife conservation initiative at the invitation of African Parks.

The Prince, who left the Biritsh Army after 10 years as an officer, is working on front line conservation projects.

British High Commissioner Micheal Nevin confirmed the Prince will be in Malawi for "quite a while."

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Rwanda to Adopt New Policy On Urban Forestry

By Athan Tashobya

Random species of trees have been planted across Kigali and other towns around the country with less regard to international standards for urban forestry, officials say.

It is against this background that the government has embarked on formulating a policy, which will complement Kigali City Master plan and the national green-growth agenda-so that property developers also get to plan for urban afforestation, while putting into consideration specific species of trees to grow in cities and towns.

Vincent Biruta, the Minister for Natural Resources, says that as Rwanda strives to increase Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) across the country, the government is equally mindful about mitigating carbon emission in urban areas, hence looking at urban forestry as key leverage to meet this target.

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Minister condemns burning of North West school

Pretoria - Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga has condemned the torching of a school in Mareetsane village near Mafikeng.

Six classrooms at Setilo Secondary School were burnt down on Thursday due to alleged political violence in the area. A mob disrupted lessons at the school on Tuesday. Learners and teachers were unable to continue with teaching and learning due to the disruptions and safety concerns.

The police have since apprehended seven suspects, aged between 19 and 32, who are due to appear at the Itsoseng Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

“The act of destroying a school is one of the most heinous crimes imaginable. Not only are these criminals damaging State property worth millions of rands that the tax payer will have to fund, they are holding the lives of these learners to ransom and putting the future of our children in jeopardy.

“We only need to look at how the violence experienced in Vuwani has impacted the learners there and it is yet to be seen if they will recover from the time and resources lost.

“We could have lawyers, doctors or engineers among these learners and now their chances of getting the marks they need to transform their lives could be scuppered by the unacceptable, selfish actions of these criminals,” the Minister said.

She called on the parents of children and communities around the country to protect schools at all cost and ensure that schools are not turned into places of protest.

“History will judge us harshly if we continue to use our children as bargaining chips in our community struggles,” said Minister Motshekga.

- SAnews.gov.za

ZSE index closes week in red

Investors on the troubled Zimbabwe’s Stock Exchange are losing money, as stock prices plummet due to a worsening economic situation in the country.

Investors on the troubled Zimbabwe’s Stock Exchange are losing money, as stock prices plummet due to a worsening economic situation in the country.

THE Zimbabwe Stock Exchange closed the week at 98.8 points with a weekly turnover of US$5,77 million after shedding off 0,09 points in a week characterised by negative trades.

Total market capitalization fell 0,32 percent to close at US$2,85 billion. Year to date, the market value has dropped by 11,46 percent.

Market drivers traded mixed with Delta gaining 1,67 percent while Econet and BAT shed 3,42 percent and 1,23 percent respectively. Volumes traded totalled 8,08 million shares and averaged 1.,62 million shares per day.

Average daily value traded was US$1,15 million despite a post dollarisation low of $105 on Tuesday.
On Friday the industrial index shed off 0,80 points with turnover of US$96,716 weighed down by losses in heavyweights Econet and Delta which traded in the negative.

The resources index lost 0,58 points on weekly basis. –The Source

The Quest for Terrific Courtyards in Creating High-Class Density

Kallio, my neighborhood in central Helsinki is a fantastic and lively place to live in. Most services are within a couple of blocks, there are plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from, you can hang out in a number of characteristic parks, and the connections to elsewhere in Helsinki are superb. There’s little to complain about.

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U.S $3 Billion Beitbridge-Chirundu Highway Project Stinks Graft

By Herbert Moyo

THE long-awaited dualisation of the Beitbridge-Harare-Chirundu highway now estimated to cost US$3 billion -- a dramatic price escalation from the initial US$2 billion - has moved a step closer after the dodgy companies awarded the project began meetings in Harare this week to seal final agreements with government.

The project was awarded to Chinese firm China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC), which was blacklisted by the World Bank for fraud and corruption.

Austrian company Geiger International, which specialises in military equipment not construction, will finance the project.

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Realty Africa clinches US$14m projects in Zimbabwe

REALTY Africa, a property crowd-funding platform providing investors with informed investment opportunities in Southern Africa, is working on two major projects in Zimbabwe worth US$14 million, which include the Victoria Falls eco hotel.

By Kudzai Kuwaza

Crowd-funding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, usually through the internet.

In an interview with businessdigest this week, Realty Africa co-founder and group CE Patrick Chella (pictured) said he was finalising plans for the Victoria Falls hotel and housing project.

“On the crowd funding, we are reviewing the business plans and financial services for a housing gated community in Harare and we have received all documents for the Victoria Falls eco hotel. These are quite exciting times,” Chella said.

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China and Africa must find win-win collaboration

Pretoria - Africa and China must accelerate efforts to find innovative and creative mechanisms to unblock any domestic regulatory and financial challenges to cooperation.

However, Africa also has the obligation to ensure the relevant levels of institutional readiness, capacities for delivery and feasibility of projects in order to meet the requirements and maximize on the potential.

This was the message by Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Maite Nkoana-Mashabane who is co-chairing the Coordinators Meeting of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), in Beijing.

South Africa and China are the co-chairs of the FOCAC until 2018.

The FOCAC Coordinators Meeting is assessing the progress in terms of implementation after the commitments made at the Johannesburg Summit of the FOCAC in December 2015.

The FOCAC meetings are aimed at reinforcing the historical solidarity of friendship through win-win cooperation that exists between the governments and people of Africa and China.

This refers, in particular to large infrastructure programs that complement those identified within the African Union's vision for the next 50 years, Agenda 2063, as well as the 10 New Measures announced by President Xi Jinping to address the three main bottlenecks in African development.

Win-win collaboration

For the plans to work, Minister Nkoana-Mashabane said the industrialization should be a centrepiece of this win-win collaboration and friendship by using comparative advantages.

Linked to this, the Minister said, is the need for both countries to beneficiate their natural and mineral resources.

Minister of ICT mentions how State owned operator NetOne lost telecoms race, calls out management for missed opportunites

By Nigel Gambanga

Speaking at the recent Mobile Money & Digital Payments Conference the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira touched on how State-owned mobile operator, NetOne had lost out on the telecoms race. He pointed out missed opportunities and a failure to respond to market dynamics.

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Minister of ICT mentions how State owned operator NetOne lost telecoms race, calls out management for missed opportunites

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AUCTION — Corporate disposal to hit the auction block

On the 16th and 17th August, Reliance Auctions will take 7 properties to auction which will excite any investor.

How to professionally specify your IP camera network

South Africa invests R1 trillion in infrastructure

Pretoria - By the end of 2014, government had spent R1 trillion in developing infrastructure in the country, says Deputy Minister in the Presidency responsible for Planning Monitoring and Evaluation, Buti Manamela.

Speaking at the Youth Infrastructure Development 2016 Conference, in Durban, he said government understands that without sufficient and well-maintained infrastructure, the country’s development ambitions will not be realised.

“We are transforming the economy, directing national growth and driving job creation by implementing a long-term, government-led infrastructure development and investment programme,” Deputy Minister Manamela said on Friday.

He said through infrastructure development, government is laying the foundation for growth and decent work for all South Africans.

Infrastructure development and investment is a key priority of the National Development Plan as it highlights the importance of infrastructure investment in meeting the social and economic objectives of the country.

Deputy Minister Manamela said government will continue to create an enabling environment for youth development.

“We expect young people and youth organisations to develop these opportunities and turn them into gold. Young people must not depend on the charity of government.

“Instead they must be resources for their country, working with government as partners to create opportunity,” he said.

National Youth Policy 2020

Government has developed the National Youth Policy 2020 (NYP 2020) to drive its youth development response.

“Through the NYP 2020, we will improve public employment schemes such as the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), Youth Brigades and the Community Works Programmes.

“These programmes provide an important social safety net for young people whilst improving their employability, skills development and getting them on the first rung of the empowerment ladder,” he said.

Parks Can Do Double-Duty as Green Infrastructure

Historic 4th Ward Park / Beltlandia.com

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Bridge-builders of future figure it out

Bridge-builders of future figure it outBudding engineers, from high schools all over the region, put their construction skills to the test at the weekend, when they took part in the South African Institution for Civil Engineering's (SAICE) Bridge Building competition.
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Bridge-builders of future figure it out

Bridge-builders of future figure it outBudding engineers, from high schools all over the region, put their construction skills to the test at the weekend, when they took part in the South African Institution for Civil Engineering's (SAICE) Bridge Building competition.
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Emira Property Fund turns down Arrowhead’s proposal

Emira Property Fund has rejected Arrowhead Properties’ expression of interest to acquire all of its issued share capital on the basis that it has no benefit to its shareholders.

Investing In Sustainability: How the Tech Industry Is Changing Our Cities

When it comes to efforts at sustainability, cities may not be the first place that comes to mind. Major metropolitan areas often struggle with pollution and overcrowding; many suffer from poor air quality.

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Go Pokémon GO!: The Social Life of Virtual Urban Spaces

Perhaps foreshadowing its future, here Pikachu (the most famous of the Pokém

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RBZ warns Zimbabweans against Bitcoin use, says regulation for cryptocurrency isn’t ready

By Nigel Gambanga

At the Mobile Money & Digital Payments Conference, Josephat Mutepfa, the RBZ’s Director of NationalPayments pointed out that while cryptocurrencies might be a global phenomenon and there might be a number of Bitcoin initiatives that now offer specific services in Zimbabwe, the central bank hasn’t devised regulation for cryptocurrencies.

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RBZ warns Zimbabweans against Bitcoin use, says regulation for cryptocurrency isn’t ready

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The South African industrial corrosive protection markets

The South African industrial corrosive protection marketsOne of the easiest ways to extend the life of an industrial installation is regular maintenance with a specific focus on corrosion detection, protection and care. Surface blasting (open and chamber), insolation (hot and cold) and coatings are all processes used in industrial maintenance programmes that require specialist equipment and experience and the market for these services was valued at around R2.72bn in 2014.
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Vintage English home trends entering the SA market

Unsplash via
Unsplash via [[www.pixabay.com Pixabay]]</span>The concepts of style and luxury are very subjective, and the quest to create the epitome of each has resulted in some fairly odd design ideas over the years. The South African market is far from exempt from these eccentricities, with local luxury homeowners often taking their cues from international trendsetters.
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Emmerson Mnangagwa survives ouster


Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Nelson Chenga and Andrew Kunambura

Jonathan Moyo snubbed in Masvingo

Jonathan Moyo

Politburo member, Jonathan Moyo

More companies to close in Zimbabwe

Zim industry

Official data shows that over 6 000 companies closed shop between 2011 and March this year, with nearly 75 000 workers losing their jobs.

MORE companies could be heading for the corporate graveyard during the second half of the year as lack of cheap working capital, high labour costs and stiff competition from imports continue to choke industry and commerce.

Tables turn against Mahoka


ZANU-PF Women’s League national secretary for finance, Sarah Mahoka

KAROI — ZANU-PF Women’s League national secretary for finance, Sarah Mahoka, is getting a taste of her own medicine.

Zimbabwe’s economy deteriorates: Analysts


Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa

OLD Mutual Securities (OMSEC) has indicated that the country’s economy continues to slide due to weak aggregate demand caused by increasing joblessness, low disposable incomes, tight liquidity conditions and an overregulated business environment.

Zimbabwe loses US$20 billion this year


Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, John Mangudya

…Current account remains under stress
A UNITED Kingdom researcher has projected Zimbabwe’s current account deficit to rise to US$2,8 billion this year, largely due to a widening trade deficit despite a comprehensive ban on imports to restrict cash outflows.

Zimbabwe’s rundown road network dangerous


ZINARA chief executive officer, Moses Juma

Matabeleland South running on autopilot


Abednigo Ncube was reassigned to the Ministry of Rural Development and Preservation of National Cultural Heritage

MATABELELAND South province has been without a Provincial Affairs Minister for almost a year now but not many people are feeling the absence of the regional head.

The position fell vacant on September 11, 2015 after Abednigo Ncube was reassigned to the Ministry of Rural Development and Preservation of National Cultural Heritage.

No explanation has been given for the non-appointment of a new resident minister.

Interestingly, the province is also running without a substantive Provincial Administrator (PA) after Midard Khumalo was sacked in April last year.

War veterans agitated for the sacking of the top civil servant, accusing him of corruptly allocating land.