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Mars to appear as ‘bright as an airplane light’ as it comes closest to Earth in 15 years

27 July, 2018 - 16:36

Preview With scientists recently announcing the exciting discovery of a ‘lake’ hidden below ice on Mars’ south pole, the Red Planet is seemingly capitalizing on the exciting news by coming closer to Earth than it has in 15 years.
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Russian opposition leaders launch campaign for two-party parliamentary system

27 July, 2018 - 16:28

Preview Two opposition leaders in Russia’s parliament have urged the nation to switch to a two-party political system, similar to that of the US. They have pledged to launch a major social-democratic project to prove its viability.
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Putin suggests idea of ‘BRICS mini-Olympics’ of lesser-known national sports at summit

27 July, 2018 - 16:09

Preview Russian president Vladimir Putin has suggested holding a mini-Olympics event between BRICS countries that would feature less well-known sports from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa at a summit in Johannesburg.
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#Romanovs100 top 10 clips on Nicholas II, Royal Family & Rasputin (VIDEOS)

27 July, 2018 - 16:02

Preview 100 years after the execution of the Romanov family, #Romanovs100 dedicated to the Empire’s last reigning royals came to a close. We look at the top 10 videos produced using 4,000 rare photographs the Romanovs took themselves.

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From vineyard to graveyard: Creepy animal skull spooks Reddit users (PHOTO)

27 July, 2018 - 15:51

Preview A Reddit user’s account of their day at a vineyard took a rather macabre turn and sparked a rip roaring debate online after they claimed to have pulled up a vine root embedded inside a tiny animal skull.

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‘Trump has the invitation’: Putin says US president is welcome in Moscow

27 July, 2018 - 15:49

Preview Russian President, Vladimir Putin, said he had invited Donald Trump to Moscow for talks, adding that he was also eager to go to Washington for a summit with his US counterpart.
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‘So much love’: Mesut Ozil thanks Arsenal fans for support in wake of racism row

27 July, 2018 - 15:47

Preview After a tumultuous few days in which he retired from international football after receiving 'racist' abuse online, Ozil has thanked Arsenal fans for their “love” at a pre-season friendly in Singapore.
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Israeli police seal gates to Al-Aqsa Mosque after clashes with Muslim prayers (VIDEO)

27 July, 2018 - 15:35

Preview Israeli police have reportedly closed the gates to the third-holiest site in the Muslim world, Al-Aqsa Mosque, after clashes with Palestinian worshippers. Some “suspects” are barricaded in the mosque, according to police.
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Sweden drops bombs to extinguish wildfires caused by summer heatwave (VIDEO)

27 July, 2018 - 15:19

Preview As wildfires spread across the EU due to sweltering hot temperatures, Sweden resorted to an ingenious and equally puzzling way of extinguishing them – by dropping bombs.
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