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Madagascar's fast internet is a luxury [The Morning Call]

14 hours 1 min ago

Madagascar is ranked among one of the world’s poorest countries. But it has faster internet connectivity than in the UK, France and Canada. A recent report revealed that it has the fastest internet speed in Africa, beating countries like Kenya and South Africa.

Press Review of August 14, 2018 [The Morning Call]

14 hours 7 min ago

We review the headlines of Africa’s top newspapers on The Morning Call.

Counter-terrorism police leads probe into car-ramming incident near London’s Parliament

14 hours 25 min ago

Preview A car has smashed into a security barrier outside the Houses of Parliament in London, injuring several people. Police have arrested a man and the investigation has been taken over by the Met’s Counter-Terrorism Command.
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Canada seeks to take away passports from children of Russian spies

17 hours 19 min ago

Two Canadian brothers, whose Russian-born parents fraudulently acquired Canadian citizenship before being arrested for spying on the United States for Moscow, are not entitled to Canadian citizenship, according to the government of Canada.

New Website Lists Barred Pentagon Contractors Getting Work

17 hours 21 min ago

The General Services Administration has added a web page that lists Pentagon contractors that have received waivers for new contracts despite having been barred from government work because of fraud-related charges.

Venezuelan Pirates Spread Fear Across The Caribbean

17 hours 21 min ago

Vessels sailing in the vicinity of Trinidad and Tobago are now under threat of being the victims of piracy for the first since the 1700s. According to a report from the Washington Post, in the wake of Venezuela’s economic and societal collapse, criminals desperate to earn a living have taken up the centuries-old crime and are attacking yachts and fishing vessels along the coast of South America.

'Deeply Disturbing': For Second Time This Year, Facebook Suspends Left-Leaning teleSUR English Without Explanation

17 hours 21 min ago

'Deeply Disturbing': For Second Time This Year, Facebook Suspends Left-Leaning teleSUR English Without Explanation "It seems like the censorship power many people on the left want Silicon Valley executives to unilaterally exercise might end up being wielded against the left. One good way to know that would happen is that is already is happening."

Russian Military Spy Software is on Hundreds of Thousands of Home Routers

17 hours 21 min ago

The Russian military is inside hundreds of thousands of routers owned by Americans and others around the world, a top U.S. cybersecurity official said on Friday. The presence of Russian malware on the routers, first revealed in May, could enable the Kremlin to steal individuals’ data or enlist their devices in a massive attack intended to disrupt global economic activity or target institutions.

Oh Look, Yet More Efforts To Strangle Broadband Competition

17 hours 21 min ago

A major component of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was the idea of line sharing, or local loop unbundling. Simply put, the rules set forth required that incumbent telcos needed to share their networks with smaller competitors, providing wholesale access to bandwidth. It was an effort to foster something vaguely resembling competition in the broadband space by letting smaller companies piggyback on existing network infrastructure. The thought was that because the barriers to market entry were so high (both politically and financially), this could help smaller competitors gain footholds that would otherwise be impossible.

Strzok GoFundMe Raises $250,000 Within Hours

17 hours 21 min ago

A GoFundMe launched by the "Friends Of Special Agent Peter Strzok" has raised over $250,000 from over 6,000 people in less than 24 hours, after the fired FBI agent tweeted a link to the campaign yesterday. The campaign, which originally sought to raise $150,000 has now raised its goal to $350,000 - and at this rate, it won't take long to get there.

Westminster car crash treated as terror attack

17 hours 21 min ago

A man has been arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences after a car crashed outside the Houses of Parliament. The vehicle swerved into cyclists and pedestrians shortly after 07:30 BST, injuring three people. The suspect, in his late 20s, is not believed to be known to MI5 or counter-terrorism police, and is not co-operating with officers.

Nuclear fallout detected in Australian sheep in 1979 has been attributed to a covert nuclear test

17 hours 21 min ago

A RADIOACTIVE dust cloud swept over Western and South Australia. It wasn’t the British. Nor the US or French. A new study says it was probably a covert test by Israel. IN 1979, a strange ‘double flash’ was observed by a satellite as coming from between South Africa and Antarctica. It was a telltale cue. That kind of flash was usually a nuclear explosion. Almost 39 years later, there appears to be fresh evidence that’s exactly what it was.

Ajit Pai loses in court—FCC can’t kill broadband subsidy in Tribal areas

17 hours 21 min ago

A US appeals court has blocked the Federal Communications Commission's attempt to take a broadband subsidy away from Tribal areas. The FCC decision, originally slated to take effect later this year, would have made it difficult or impossible for Tribal residents to obtain a $25-per-month Lifeline subsidy that reduces the cost of Internet or phone service for poor people. But on Friday, a court stayed the FCC decision pending appeal, saying that Tribal organizations and small wireless carriers are likely to win their case against the commission.

'Citizens Police Academies' are used to improve community relations and influence voters

17 hours 21 min ago

A recent article in KSFY revealed that the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office is training citizens to act like cops. Because that is what America needs right now, more police These 'citizen cops' go through a ten-week training program called 'Citizens Academy' which teaches them to take part in fingerprinting, shooting a taser, A.L.I.C.E. training and much more.

An 11-Year-Old Hacked a Mock Florida Election Site in 10 Minutes

17 hours 21 min ago

The security of the U.S. election system just lost a vote of confidence. At the annual hacker conference DefCon, Emmett Brewer, an 11-year-old boy from Austin, Texas, was able to change the results on a mock Florida election website. It took him 10 minutes.

There's a Fentanyl Crisis in the United States. Nebraska Is About To Murder Someone With It on Purpose

17 hours 21 min ago

As Nebraska prepares to complete its first state-sanctioned execution in two decades, human rights groups are condemning the death penalty and denouncing officials for operating under a "cloak of secrecy" in obtaining the drugs that will be used to kill Carey Dean Moore—substances that have caused tens of thousands of accidental deaths across the U.S. in recent years.

'Dozens dead' as major road bridge collapses in Genoa

17 hours 21 min ago

Dozens of people are reported to be dead after a large section of a road bridge collapsed in the northern Italian city of Genoa. Rescue workers say about 10 vehicles were involved when a 200m (650ft) section of the Morandi Bridge collapsed during a sudden and violent storm.

Censorship Is What Happens When Powerful People Get Scared

17 hours 21 min ago

Anyone who tells you the recent escalation of censorship by U.S. tech giants is merely a reflection of private companies making independent decisions is either lying or dangerously ignorant. In the case of Facebook, the road from pseudo-platform to willing and enthusiastic tool of establishment power players is fairly straightforward.

Ultra-Wealthy Elitists Are Having Their Brains Frozen So That They Can “Come Back To Life” 100s Of Years In The Future

17 hours 21 min ago

One way that some ultra-wealthy people are attempting to extend their lifespans into the future is through the emerging science of cryogenics. Some are having their entire bodies frozen, and others are having just their brains frozen, but it is very expensive…