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Canada seeks to take away passports from children of Russian spies

2 hours 31 min ago

Two Canadian brothers, whose Russian-born parents fraudulently acquired Canadian citizenship before being arrested for spying on the United States for Moscow, are not entitled to Canadian citizenship, according to the government of Canada.

Musk tweets he's working with Goldman Sachs, Silver Lake & others to take Tesla private

3 hours 39 min ago

Preview Tesla CEO Elon Musk has tweeted news that he’s working with buyout firm Silver Lake and investment bank Goldman Sachs, among a host of other firms, in a bid to take the company private.

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Utah man flies plane into his own house after argument with wife (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

5 hours 3 min ago

Preview A Utah man flew a small aircraft into his own house, kamikaze-style, hours after he had been arrested for assaulting his wife during an argument, police say.

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Facebook vanishes Venezuela-based left-leaning news network again

5 hours 29 min ago

Preview Telesur English, a multi-state funded Latin American news network, says that Facebook has removed its page for the second time this year “without any specific reason being provided.”

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NDAA sought to derail Open Skies & New START treaties with Russia

6 hours 13 min ago

Preview The 2019 military funding bill signed by President Donald Trump sought to limit US participation in Open Skies and New START treaties with Russia, but the provisions were watered down in talks between the House and the Senate.

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Abducted boy died in Islamic exorcism ceremony in New Mexico desert, prosecutor says

6 hours 25 min ago

Preview A missing three-year-old boy, whose remains were discovered buried at a compound in the New Mexico desert, had died during an Islamic ritual ceremony to cast out demonic spirits, a prosecutor told a court hearing on Monday.

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Taliban 'at its strongest since 2001' as it batters Afghan forces in strategic city of Ghazni

6 hours 41 min ago

Preview Around 100 Afghan troops were killed in fighting with Taliban over the strategic town of Ghazni. The group will be making new gains if the US keeps relying on force alone in Afghanistan, geopolitical analyst Ali Rizk told RT.
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Uganda police says MP's guard likely killed by stray bullet

7 hours 24 min ago

Police in Uganda have averred that a police guard of a legislator who was shot dead on Monday evening may have died as a result of a stray bullet.

As at midnight of Monday, the police had yet to issue an official statement on the incident which reportedly started after an attack on the president’s convoy in Arua.

There is a bye-election in the area making it a hotbed of political activity in the country. Yasin Kawooya, the slain police guard was detailed to Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

West Nile police spokesperson, Josephine Angucia speaking to NTV via phone also confirmed that over thirty people including lawmakers had been arrested especially with relation on the attack on President Yoweri Museveni’s vehicle.

“About thirty-four people have been arrested, many of them are from outside Arua, they are MPs from Njiri, Kampala and so on. A number of people from outside, they are the ones who we actually arrested and they are the ones in that convoy which stoned the presidential lead car.

“As I speak all of them are in our custody, we don’t know if among them there are journalists. Screening will be done so as to establish the truth of the matter,” she added.

Bobi Wine, an opposition lawmaker, was reportedly supporting independent candidate Kassiano Wadri. President Museveni was also in Arua campaigning for the ruling National Resistance Movement’s Nusura Tiperu.

Guests with 'misogynistic, homophobic, racist' views cost Canadian mosque its charitable status

8 hours 30 min ago

Preview A Canadian mosque has been stripped of its charitable status after a revenue audit found a litany of issues, including inviting speakers who previously spoke out against LGBT and female equality, as well as advocating martyrdom.
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Teenage ‘devil worshipper’ suspected of burning down unique wooden church in Russia

13 August, 2018 - 23:31

Preview A historic 18th century church has burned to the ground in Russia’s Republic of Karelia, after being deliberately set on fire. A teenager, referred to by some locals as a devil worshipper, is suspected of the arson.
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Great F-35 and super nukes: Trump lauds US weapons signing $716bn military bill

13 August, 2018 - 23:27

Preview In a speech before signing the $716 billion Pentagon funding bill, President Donald Trump praised the US military and the “finest” weapons anywhere in the world, but made no references to his critic after whom the bill was named.
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Amnesty vows “full & independent external inquiries” into 2 staff suicides in recent months

13 August, 2018 - 23:08

Preview Amnesty International has promised independent external inquiries into the suicides of two of its employees in the past three months. In a farewell note, one of the victims said he did not get the help he’d wanted from the NGO.
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Five drones downed by Russian military near Khmeimim Air Base in Syria as UAV attacks increase

13 August, 2018 - 22:30

Preview Five more drones have been shot down by Russia’s Air Defense units near Khmeimim Air Base in Syria in the last 24 hours, the military confirmed. Drone attacks by militants have intensified in recent weeks.
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Uganda president attacked, MP's guard shot dead ahead of bye-election

13 August, 2018 - 21:40

A senior press secretary to Ugandan president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni said on Monday evening that the president’s car came under attack by opposition supporters in the town of Arua, where a bye-election is to hold on Wednesday.

Phtos shared by Don Wanyama showed that the rear mirror of the president’s Toyota V8 had been smashed in the attack. He did not comment whether the president was hurt or not.

President KagutaMuseveni car that was hit by opposition supporters this evening in Arua town. The police will issue a statement on this incident shortly. nbstv newvisionwire DenisNabz FrankTumwebazek mollykamukama JustineLumumba pic.twitter.com/qlT9jwePJ0

— Don Wanyama (nyamadon) August 13, 2018

The information came barely an hour after a popular lawmaker, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu also known as Bobi Wine, posted on Twitter that police had attempted to kill him.

“Police have shot my driver dead thinking they’ve shot at me. My hotel is now cordoned off by police and SFC,” he wrote on Twitter with a photo of his driver slumped in the front seat.

Local media portals are reporting that Bobi Wine has been taken into police custody along with a fellow lawmaker.

Bobi Wine, an opposition lawmaker, was reportedly supporting independent candidate Kassiano Wadri. President Museveni was also in Arua campaigning for the ruling National Resistance Movement’s Nusura Tiperu.

The driver of HEBobiwine has been shot dead in Arua. Kawooya Yasin was killed in a cross fire that characterized the end of the campaigns for Arua Municipality seat where Kyagulanyi was campaigning for Kassiano Wadri. #NBSLiveAt9 #NBSUpdates #NBSFocusOnArua

— NBS Television (nbstv) August 13, 2018

‘Non-negotiable’: Iran unveils next-gen homegrown ballistic missile

13 August, 2018 - 21:34

Preview Amid renewed tensions with the US, Iran has unveiled the next generation of its homegrown ‘Fateh’ short-range ballistic missile on Monday, claiming that it’s capable of evading radars and hitting targets with pinpoint accuracy.
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Liberal Jewish-American reporter detained & questioned in Israel about his political beliefs

13 August, 2018 - 21:22

Preview Liberal Jewish-American journalist Peter Beinart says he won’t accept Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s apology to him for being detained and questioned about his political beliefs at an Israeli airport.

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Trump feuds with former ‘apprentice’ Omarosa in White House drama fit for reality TV

13 August, 2018 - 21:10

Preview Donald Trump has taken time out of his busy presidential schedule to tweet insults at ex-White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman, amid a rapidly-escalating feud between the two estranged reality television prima donnas.
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4 hospitalized as women’s football match descends into chaotic brawl in Argentina (VIDEO)

13 August, 2018 - 20:43

Preview The football match between Argentina’s Universitario and Libertad turned ugly as several players required medical attention after a brawl erupted following the sending off of a coach who protested a referee’s decision.
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‘This state and constitution aren't made for us’: RT doco follows African-American activists

13 August, 2018 - 20:37

Preview With racial tensions in the USA back in the spotlight over the last few years, a gripping new RT documentary series visits African-American communities and the activists fighting against a history of racial injustice and poverty.
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Karl Marx ‘zero-euro’ bill becomes German souvenir hit with 100k sold

13 August, 2018 - 20:00

Preview A cheeky ‘zero-euro’ bill, issued by a German tourism agency to commemorate the bicentenary of Karl Marx’s birth, has become a runaway success, with more than 100,000 wealth re-distributing purchases on record.

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