Channel 6 : SOUTH AFRICA

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25-10-18 SA’s economic to brace for slower growth pace Economy
24-10-18 R162-million housing project incomplete after over a decade Corruption, Housing
24-10-18 Joburg’s Golden Highway barricaded in housing protest Housing, Protests / Riots
24-10-18 South Africa's new finance minister postpones tough decisions Economy
22-10-18 Democratising Housing & Urban Development in the Johannesburg inner city : 71 Properties Investor Site Visits Notification, Property Development, Property Professions, Urban Development
22-10-18 South Africa’s mass transit sector secures US$ 10 million and ZAR 1.4 billion African Development Bank loans Urban Transport
22-10-18 Cancer causing toxicants found in a tributary of South Africa's second largest river Environment, Pollution
22-10-18 It's time to take a new, more creative approach to career counselling Architectural Education
22-10-18 Why South Africa can't make a massive shift to renewables - yet Energy
22-10-18 Heartbreaking stories after massive Khayelitsha blaze Fire Hazards & Events, Informal Settlements
21-10-18 Why Ramaphosa's "new dawn" will break slowly for South Africa's finances Economy
21-10-18 South African journalism's problems are bigger than ethics: they're about ethos Activism
19-10-18 Day care centre rebuilt after fire - for the fifth time Fire Hazards & Events, Schools
19-10-18 Why journalists in South Africa should do some self-reflection Development, Politics
18-10-18 Mayhem in Witsand over building of community hall Protests / Riots, Service Delivery