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23.02.18 Housing Dilemma - New City Laws to Allow Flats in Posh Areas Building Codes, Building Regulations, Housing, Residential, Urban Development, Urban Planning
23.02.18 Property Deals in Kenya to Take Only 16 Days Property Development, Real Estate
23.02.18 New Nairobi City Zoning Laws to Allow Flats in Posh Areas Housing, Real Estate, Urban Development, Urban Planning, Urbanisation
22.02.18 Fuelling, Repair Logistics Hamper Effective Garbage Collection in Nairobi Waste Management
22.02.18 Kenya has a massive skills gap: how it can fix the problem Education / Training, Labour
18.02.18 Shelter Afrique Pledges to Support Kenyatta's Housing Plan Foreign Activity / Investment, Housing
18.02.18 What Kenya has to show for sending troops into Somalia seven years ago Security
15.02.18 Efforts to Upgrade Slums Undermined By Graft, Lack of Consultation - Researchers Corruption, Slums
12.02.18 Nairobi’s water supply: 2 claims about losses & high prices in slums evaluated Service Delivery, Slums, Water Resources
11.02.18 Media freedom in Kenya: analogies are being drawn with Moi's repressive era Politics
10.02.18 Why Nairobians Are Unimpressed With Sonko's Beautification Project Urbanisation, Waste Management
07.02.18 Nairobi Developer Breaks Ground on Tallest Residential Apartments in Africa Residential, Tall Buildings
07.02.18 How Kenyatta has gone about stifling the free press in Kenya Politics
06.02.18 How closure of TV stations has narrowed democratic space in Kenya Politics
06.02.18 'People's president' gambit reignites power struggle as old as Kenya Politics
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