Inter Architects and Environmental Consultants


Inter Architects and Environmental Consultants was established in 2000. The firm began its operations in 2001 as providers of architectural consultancy services. The firm has since widened its scope of services.

Inter Architects now provides total building solutions from Initial design to Interior Achitecture, Environmental Studies & Project Management.

The firm is led by Mr. Patrick Mugo Karugo the Principal/Lead Expert of Inter Architects alongside other Associate Professionals in the field of Architecture and Environmental Studies. Inter Architects has 10 full-time staff and 4 part-time staff.

The firm is committed to the new world order dedicated to the environment and its sustainability in line with the resolutions of Agenda 21.

The firm’s professionals experience in the fields of Architecture, Environmental Studies and GIS spans for over 15 years.

We at Inter Architects believe that we have the most capable team with the right qualifications and experience in providing high quality, efficient and timely services.