The Construction Covid-19 Rapid Response Task Team is a voluntary body consisting of a wide range of professional and industry representative bodies active within the development, built environment, and construction sectors. The Task Team has identified and presented practical interventions, focused on the short-term reactivation of construction sites and processes that can be put in place by government to support the ailing development and construction sectors.

The short-term reactivation measures have focused on health and safety measures to assist the safeguarding of construction workers and suppliers. The Covid-19 situation, which has occurred at a time when the entire building industry is already in a crisis, brings into focus the urgency and need to review some of the regulatory framework and procurement environment for which Government is responsible. The revival of the building and construction industry hinges on a ‘re-think of the regulatory framework”. This document therefore focuses on medium and longer-term interventions required to support the built environment and construction sectors to ensure that these sectors can contribute to the economic recovery and growth of the country.

Download the document from link below.



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