South Africa: Measuring the Success of the Cape Flats Army Deployment

10 hours 44 minutes ago
[UCT] In March 2020, the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) is expected to conclude its deployment in gang-ridden areas of the Cape Flats. It will, unless extended by President Cyril Ramaphosa, be the conclusion of the almost nine-month Operation Prosper. What will the outcomes be? And how will we measure the success of the deployment?

Mauritius: Workshop to Develop Land Drainage Master Plan

1 day 6 hours ago
[Government of Mauritius] An inception workshop for the development of a Land Drainage Master Plan (LDMP) aiming to serve as a basis to conceptualise strategies, to be implemented by all stakeholders to reduce anthropogenic effects on the vulnerability to heavy rain and flood incidences, opened, today, at the Maritime Resort, Balaclava in presence of the Minister of National Infrastructure and Community Development, Mr Mahendranuth Sharma Hurreeram, and other personalities.

Nigeria: Putting Kaduna in Mega-City League

1 day 14 hours ago
[Daily Trust] In Nigeria, two places that come in mind, in terms of infrastructural development are Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, and Lagos State. In evidence in these cities are expansive road networks, modernized building structures, availability of relaxation spots, quality schools, advanced and accessible healthcare facilities and tourist attractions.
4 hours 54 minutes ago
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