South Africa: Little Clarity On Measuring SANDF Performance On Cape Flats

3 days 5 hours ago
[Daily Maverick] With 47 murders recorded on the Cape Flats over the most recent weekend, the South African National Civic Organisation is calling for authorities to face the music over what they say is a clear indication that the deployment of the army is not working. But the question at the heart of this is complicated: how should the 'success' of such an operation be measured?

South Africa: The Tectonic Forces That Triggered Cape Town's Eruption of Violence

4 days 5 hours ago
[Daily Maverick] There were no mitigating circumstances for the killing of pregnant mother Sadieka Newman in Manenberg or the brutal murder of young horse rider Meghan Cremer in Philippi. Nor for the nearly 2,000 people killed in Cape Town's gang warfare so far in 2019. Last weekend 47 people died of knife and gunshot wounds. But the situation does have a context. There's no innocent landscape here.
27 minutes 26 seconds ago
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