Imara Architects


At Archimara Consulting CC, we love and enjoy what we do, we are committed to practicing our craft with passion, pride and integrity. We infuse a sense of social, ethical and environmental awareness at the core of our work while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

We approach each project as a unique opportunity to attain elegant yet efficient design driven solutions through our ethos... CREATIVITY-TALENT-ABILITY. This design ethos thrives on our determination to consistently deliver a quality product while negotiating the delicate balance between architectural form, function and aesthetic with our clients requirements, budget and market demands.

As a young dynamic practice we are laser focused on quality, on 'doing things the right way' and continuous improvement. While we acknowledge and celebrate our successes we are constantly seeking new ways to out-do ourselves on each subsequent project. We feed this desire for perpetual advancement, by working on buildings and projects of many different types in almost all property industry sectors.

We believe that each project has its own unique potential, and therefore have a policy of not turning down any commission, no matter how small, without thoroughly exploring all its possibilities.