3LAB is an organisation conceived on the principles of equity and transparency. This is a philosophy through which the organisation engages with the marketplace. Our focus is to provide services to the built environment that is without equal. At i3LAB we understand that each client has a vision. Our role is to nurture that vision and to help our clients realise their vision. i3LAB is 90% owned by previously disadvantaged individuals (PDI’s) in terms of South African Public Sector Procurement Policies.

i3LAB is a provider of services to the built environment, our key competencies are:

Business Case Consulting
Programme Management
Project Management
Workplace Optimisation

At i3LAB we have expert competency in project delivery. Our vast experience on a diverse portfolio of projects has provided the knowledge to understand the intricacies of project delivery. This includes our ability to co-ordinate multiple work streams to ensure efficiency through accountability.

Our ability to understand your needs and through our vast experience articulate those needs in a manner that is meaningful is a key ingredient to the delivery of a sustainable solution for our clients and their customers

We understand that the world is in a constant state of change. Because of this we ensure that the solutions that we propose are robust and flexible. This ensures that solutions are adaptable to meet your changing needs.

We measure success in terms of delivery. At i3LAB no project has been successful until it is completed to the satisfaction of the client within the specified delivery parameters.

  Website:  http://www.i3lab.co.za