Housing and The Informal City - Web Exhibition

Despite formal delivery of 2.5 million houses, the South African housing backlog has increased from 1.4 to 2.5 million since 1994.

This figure excludes the needs of non-beneficiaries and demonstrates that formal approaches to housing delivery are not effective. In response, the informal city fills the gaps left by what the formal city will not and cannot provide. In this context people house themselves with minimal initial cost to the state. Whilst these environments are severely flawed, they display complex, affordable, flexible spatial arrangements lacking in the formal post-apartheid housing landscape.

"Housing and the Informal City" is a research project (2008-2010) by 26'10 South Architects and Professor Lone Poulsen (Wits) in partnership with the Goethe-Institut, South Africa.

The material presented on the website makes an argument for how housing can be thought of going forward by incorporating lessons learnt from both informal and formal housing strategies.

26'10 Team: Throsten Deckler, Anne Graupner, Tahira Toffa, Guy Trangos, Shameemah Davids, Claire Lubell, Lara Wilson and Nzinga Mboup. Interviews by Nina Gruntkowski.