South Africa’s shortage of over 200 000 student beds is one of the primary causes for the country’s high dropout rates and poor academic performance. Thoughtful policies, effective management and student involvement in shaping progressive university culture can go a long way in meeting the needs of students beyond a bed.

The objective of this contest is to create a symbolic structure commemorating the victims of the African wars, one that can spread awareness among local and international communities.

The architecture surrounds the well to protect and give value to the water resource. The design is light and delicate, in strong relation with the natural context.

In September 2018, Solid Green demonstrated sector leadership when the Vleihuis Development in Linden, achieved Net Zero Certifications from the GBCSA for Carbon, Water and Ecology.

At The Big 5 this year, the most promising tech innovations for the construction sector are on show at the dedicated Start-up City, from 26 to 29 November at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

The results of the GCRO’s 5th Quality of Life Survey (2017/2018) have been released.

The official launch of the GCRO 5th Quality of Life Survey (2017/2018) will take place on 13 November 2018 in Johannesburg.