Green Building Exhibition Trade Show 2009 : 7-8 July

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By Green Building Media - Celeste Yates

The annual Green Building Conference will open its exhibition doors to the public on the 7-8th of July 2009. The Conference is aimed at professionals within the built environment, with international leading speakers such as Kam Sing Wong from Hong Kong, Tiffany Tsui from China and Emilio Ambasz from the USA.

Event Co-ordinator and Director, Gordon Brown, believes that the exhibition should be available for the general public to view as 'green' building effect's everyone, including the home-owner. The exhibition will be in a vibrant, interactive environment, where exhibitors will have the ability to interact one on one with the public and delegates attending the conference.

General home and property owners trying to 'green' their home but not sure where to get the materials will be able to come through on the two days and engage with the latest trends, technologies and materials available in the 'green' building movement.

A few of the sectors that the exhibition will be covering are water-management, air quality, engineering companies, construction and building materials, energy efficiency and waste management. The exhibition will be for both the individual home-owner interested in investing in the future, while saving costs in the long-term by making their lifestyle and house 'green' as well as large property developers and project leaders.

"We have enquiries everyday," states Gordon "from the average Joe and Jane on the street, wanting to get involved in 'greening' their home but not sure where to buy materials from or what type of materials to purchase. By opening the exhibition at our conference to the public, we can inform and help home-owners in this situation.

"The Green Building Exhibition will have over 100 companies exhibiting at their show on the 7-8 July 2009 at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The conference is geared towards architects, engineers, property owners and construction professionals and seeks to provide valuable and applicable insights from a select group of local and international speakers to present on the future of 'green' building, within the South African scope.

The conference hopes to achieve this through case studies, spreading the knowledge on the practise of 'green' building and giving the latest on national and international trends, technologies and materials available in the green building movement.

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