G.E.S. Architects


G.E.S. Architects was established in 1995. Since then the firm has grown considerably and is now recognized as one of Zambia’s leading Consulting Architectural practices.

In 1995, it established an office in Lusaka to Undertake both Local and International Operations.

Up until the end of 1999, G.E.S. Architects operated together with Studio Bichara of Italy on a number of European Union funded projects. The Principal Architect of G.E.S. Architects was in-charge of both firms in Zambia.

The range of services provided by G.E.S. Architects has grown considerably since 1995. Initially the practice undertook Architectural/engineering designs for building projects. Today the Architectural designing activity still comprises the greatest activity of G.E.S. Architects. At the same time we have gained notable experience and expertise in integrated projects for different Clients, in the building industry especially in Health, Educational and Commercial Projects.

During the 1997 the firm expanded into other fields, mainly specialized and higher end technologies. As an Architectural firm we have become involved in suburban development, for example Health Centres, Schools, Police and Military camps, Office and Commercial buildings and sports facilities for the private, public sector and increasingly involved in community development projects.

We strive to be a supplier of high quality, cost-effective and innovative designing solutions. As such, our achievements are recognized by the buildings we have designed and supervised.