XVA : Angola University - Competition Concept

Architects, and students of Architecture in particular, find international competition entries of educational interest in shaping their personal architectural theories and professional thinking; architectural design competition entries are informative, frequently impressive and sometimes challenge accepted norms and standards. Perhaps of greatest importance is the fact that they set benchmarks at many levels; concepts, space planning, aesthetics, context resolution, technology, presentation and economics, to name but a few.

In the Global Studio, the Web is the Crit Room. This week Architect Africa is pleased to present XVA's entry for Kwito University in Angola submitted in 2010. The entry was shortlisted.

The fractal pattern of lusona originates from the Chokwe people of northeast Angola.

It is their standardized drawing in the sand. At the hunting camps, sitting around a fire or underneath the shade of trees, many conversations and generations of proverbs and fables, are expressed through beautiful and interesting sand drawings.

The new university campus employs the idea and concept of this pattern as a basis for the master planning. The pattern represents an important role in transmitting and communicating knowledge and wisdom from one generation to the next.

We created a layer of points that start with the central core of the Wisdom Center and diffuse to the outside. Around these points we started tracing different types of geometries that would hold the several campus necessities.

The different uses of the campus create a diversity of typologies: campus center, a hotel and conference center, classrooms and lecture halls, student residences and faculty and guest housing. 

The whole campus integrates a network of pergolas that shade the paths and protect from both the sun and rain. The green areas integrate local species and a series of kitchen gardens, where students and the faculty can cultivate their own food.

The green roofs insulate the buildings, cool the surrounding air and harvest rainwater for landscaping irrigation. The most abundant source of energy is the sun so the design integrates photovoltaic panels to collect it and to light up the pools of light.

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Location: Kuito, Angola
Surface: 107,173 m2
Time: 2010
Data: International Competition /   Shortlisted
Team :
Director: Xavier Vilalta
Project leader: Maria Rosaria Favoino
Design team: Dubravka Matic, Elisa Morando, Silvia Ristori, Joao Medeiros, Anna Faligowska, Katarzyna Kowalczyk, Tina Gibson   

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