EUNIC STUDIO 2009 + 2010

After having treated improvement of the programs of rebuilding carried out by the government of South Africa (which produce hundreds of thousands of houses and an uncontrolled urban sprawl), the EUNIC STUDIO 09, worked on the reconversion of the buildings of the city center of Johannesburg, while sticking to the living conditions of the occupants (tenants, squaters, precarious…) to produce housing of quality in spite of difficult economic and social conditions. 

The work is on line on . They will be the subject of a complete record in the review Digest African Architecture in 2010. 

Organized with the support of the French institute of South Africa (IFAS), Goethe Institute and British Council, the EUNIC STUDIO will be the object into 2010 of a partnership between the École Nationale Supérieure of Toulouse and the School of Architecture of Cape Town, is the occasion to develop experience sharing and the projects between South Africa and France.


The EUNIC STUDIO was created in 2008 in partnership with the European cultural Institutes established in Johannesburg. It is a one week duration annual event. It acts, through an experience sharing between professionals and students, Europeans and African, to open a research on the living conditions in South Africa.

The students work in workshop with the production of experimental projects. They are framed by the invited professionals (architects, artists, sociologists…), which in parallel, presents their work to the public.

The objective is to treat questions of architecture within the society, as well as to make emerge young talents from the place.

This workshop takes place in the center of Johannesburg and encloses the week by a presentation by the students of the projects to the public and the press. The event is renewed every year and invests each year a new concrete situations.

Submitted by: Christophe Hutin