El-Mansur Atelier Group


El-Mansur Atelier Group is an AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) company (in Nigeria with international affiliations) with a commitment to providing bespoke design and construction services.

El-Mansur Atelier Group is currently working on its fourth airport project in Bayelsa State of Nigeria and has also been involved in the successful delivery of other project types including but not limited to:
Commercial Real Estate, Health Facilities and Residences.

We are Professionals in the Construction Industry. Our job, at El-mansur Atelier Group, is to deliver functional products which are aesthetically pleasing to meet the diverse needs of our clientele.

We aim to deliver quality with the highest standard of professionalism within the nation and beyond. We realize that the client always has options and therefore we do not take for granted the fact that the client has come to us with a need, a vision and a budget. We consider our engagement in whichever sphere to be a sacred trust which we must endeavor to protect with integrity.

It is our obligation to assist the client to translate this vision into reality with simplicity, elegance, clarity and within the right context. Only when the client is thoroughly satisfied can we be said to have fulfilled our mission.