Design Studio Architects (DSA)


Design Studio Architects (DSA) as an architectural firm was formed in 2003 as a partnership between Michael N Lwanda BA (Hons) BArch. MIA RIBA and Everson B Machika Dip Eng, BSc (Hons), Dip AAS , RIBA MIA.

DSA is a performance orientated fast growing medium Architectural Practice headed by Principal Partner, Michael N Lwanda and Partner, Everson Machika. Both of who have over 10years post qualification experience.

In the case of Mr Lwanda, the whole of his experience has been in the Private Sector with Mr Machika having lengthy service within the Public Sector in Malawi and Botswana before he joined Mr Lwanda.

DSA believes in giving their workforce the best possible equipment to ensure they perform at the highest level of consistency. We believe that deliberate redundancy in office equipment ensures we will always deliver the work on time and to the satisfaction of our clients.

While we recognize that technology alone does not deliver good architecture, we have also continued to subscribe to many magazines and books to keep ourselves up to date. DSA has an array of Computer software both 2d drawing and 3D visualization of the works before construction is concluded.