Free Education : Online Architecture Videos by Doug Patt

Doug Patt is an American architect who has produced the most wonderful set of videos on Architecture - of primary interest (and use) to Architecture Students and those considering an Architectural career.

Amongst his many fine creations we recommend the following;

The Truth about being an Architect

So You want to be an Architect?

and ... Could you be an Architect?

The misconceptions regarding the role and function of the architect in society are an endless source of irritation to the profession. In these short videos Patt goes a long way to setting the record straight - and he does it with style, flair and outright brilliance.

The videos are perfect viewing for school students searching for a vocation, for students of Architecture questioning their vocation and for architects in need of comfort. They could also be successfully utilised to explain to primitive clients why Architects need to be paid!

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