Dandora : Nairobi's Environmental Disaster is a Crime Against Humanity

Most of Africa's "democratic" governments are controlled by "elected" criminals who line their own pockets at the cost of millions of African lives - mostly those of innocent young children and babies. Many of these political cockroaches are currently in Copenhagen eating caviar, stuffing their faces and getting drunk on the finest wines, courtesy of their Western masters' desires to appropriate control of the Earth's climate for financial exploitation: they should be at home, fully focused on the present day calamities that afflict Africa and demand the most urgent action; like Dandora. And to hell with CO2...

The government of Kenya - and all the criminals in it - should hang their heads in shame and apologise to their people, to Africa and to the Planet. And then they should be sent to live in Dandora for a year or two. Look at what these criminals have allowed to happen... 

Nairobi has over four million inhabitants and just one dumping site. There is no legal framework for solid waste management and disposal.
More than 2,000 tons of rubbish is dumped in Dandora every day. Dandora covers 30 acres and is located in the center of a poor residential area. It has been there for thirty years. 

In 2001 it was declared to be at full capacity and a health hazard to the neighbouring population. Chemical, Hospital, Industrial, Agricultural, Urban and Domestic Waste is dumped and left unprocessed. Due to lack of space the people are forced to burn the waste to reduce its volume. Toxic fumes continuously contaminate the air. This issue is closely linked to various interests and illegal activities.
The Nairobi Rivers borders the dumping site and its water is highly contaminated. This dumping site directly affects nearly 1 million people: 1/4 of the city's population! 

Achim Steiner, Unep Executive Director, says, "This site is killing people. It is killing children. It is a human tragedy." 

Unep has recently completed a study on the dumping site and its impact on public health. The result uncovered a shocking truth - the dumping site is a major source of dioxins, furans, lead and cadmium which are all highly toxic to humans and cause irreversible damage to the immune, nervous, reproductive and endocrine systems. Respiratory, gastro-intestinal and skin diseases, anaemia and various cancers are just some of the diseases shown to be caused by the dumping site. 

Since 2006 the number of people being treated for respiratory tract abnormalities has quadrupled. Half of the children tested in the study had concentrations of lead in their blood exceeding international accepted levels. Half of them were also suffering from respiratory diseases including chronic bronchitis and asthma. 

Several schools border the dumping site and children are subjected to toxic fumes on a daily basis during the learning process and sports activities.
Pigs, cows, chickens, and goats are feeding inside the dumping site whilst people are growing vegetables on contaminated soil and irrigating them with contaminated water. These highly toxic food products are then sold to the local communities and some of it finds its way to central markets in other parts of Nairobi - expanding toxic reach substantially, to the point where no single inhabitant of the city is safe. 

Dandora is a catastrophe. A crime against humankind. It is unacceptable. But it is not unique; across Africa there are a thousand Dandoras killing and maiming millions of children every year.

The truth is this; modern day African cities, with their huge populations and complexities, can no longer be administered and managed by "elected" fools. 

This must change. 

To find out more about Dandora visit http://www.kutokanet.com and download the documents below.

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