The Oswald Hanciles Column - 'Freetown is the Best City in West Africa.'

In the three-storey tastefully designed yellowish gated building that house the international headquarters of the architectural and engineering firm, IDEAS Partnership, in New England, Freetown, the straight-talking Abel Onomake raved about the topography of Freetown: "Freetown is an architect's dream....because it is has undulating hills that is close to beautiful beaches and the Atlantic Ocean. In Freetown, when you put up a beautiful building on the hills, it can be seen far and wide, thus, the architect's design can be fully appreciated; unlike in Lagos, which is at sea level, and no matter how beautiful a building is, one can only see the rooftop from the outside....Freetown is like other beautiful places like Monte Carlo, Switzerland and Los Angeles...Indisputably, Freetown is the best and most beautiful city in West Africa..." As Abel Onomake spoke to me, he stirred my vision as I saw great potential for 'African Unity'; opportunities for the rebranding of Sierra Leone; and challenge to kindle those variables that would make more kinetic the still largely latent wealth of Sierra Leone.