TAL Introduces Pourable Thick-bed Adhesive For Large Tiles

TAL has expanded its adhesive range with a pourable, rapid-setting, flexible thick-bed adhesive, especially developed for fixing large-format tiles to interior and exterior floors.

The adhesive enables faster and easier bedding of floor tiles and the rapid-setting flexible formulation means that no latex additive is required for installations in wet areas, exteriors and surfaces where movement is expected. Grouting can commence four hours after tiling, which shortens the installation time, and results in faster project turnaround and reduced labour cost.

Tile trends are moving to larger formats and sizes and these tiles are being specified for shopping centres and upmarket commercial developments more often. "We are constantly developing new products to cater for the demands of the tile industry and identified the need for a rapid-setting pourable and flexible adhesive to save contractors time on-site," says Marius Botha, inland sales manager at TAL.

TAL Pourable Adhesive is a high-strength, grey cement-based adhesive suitable for all tile formats, but especially ideal for fixing all large-format ceramic, porcelain, granite, natural stone and dark-coloured marble tiles to high-traffic floors. 

It is specifically formulated to provide good wet out on large format floor tiles, ensuring solid bedding with no buttering required on the tile backs. The adhesive is pourable, very easy and quick to spread, builds up thick to accommodate heavy tiles that can be dropped in, and is rapid- setting, saving cost and time on-site. 

The number of tile breakages while working is minimised as the adhesive consistency ensures good wet out and eliminates the creation of voids that can cause tiles to crack when the slightest pressure is applied. "Larger tiles and specialist tiles can cost in excess of one thousand rand each, making this product ideal to minimise wastage and save money," he says.

TAL Pourable Adhesive requires no additive - only water - and is therefore ready to be applied for interior and exterior applications, wet areas and surfaces where movement is expected. 

Coverage is approximately 8kg/m² depending on site conditions and workmanship. The tiled floor can handle light traffic after four hours, at which point it can be grouted, and normal traffic after six hours. 

TAL offers a 10-year warranty on any tiling installation, provided a Materials and Methods specification is issued by TAL for the project, TAL products are used in strict accordance with the specification and the installation is undertaken by a TAL registered tiler and monitored by TAL. 

TAL products are manufactured and tested to TAL procedures, which are maintained in accordance with Quality System Standard ISO 9001: 2008. "We guarantee the performance of our products when they are used strictly in accordance with our materials and methods specifications," says Botha.

TAL Pourable Adhesive is available in 20kg bags.

For further information, a detailed specification, comprehensive presentation or a free product demo call the TAL Technical Advice Centre 0860 000 TAL(825) or visit http://www.tal.co.za .