Shanzu Homeless Man Paid Sh2,000

A 75-year-old whose house was demolished by Mombasa Municipal Council askaris has received Sh2,000 as compensation. Michael Mudzombo received the money from well-wishers after reading the story which was highlighted in The Star. But his neighbours, who protested the demolition on Friday, are convinced it is the same woman they believe is behind the demolition who sent Mudzombo the money. "After demolishing his house, what will that kind of money do? That is not enough money to last him five days let alone being able to rebuild his house," said Charles Onunga, Mudzombo's neighbour. The neighbours believe the woman's actions is a mockery of the their 'powerlessness'. The elderly man has had to give his 26-year-old granddaughter the four-month-old child he took in after he was dumped outside his house a few days ago.