General Architecture Collaborative


Founded in 2008, GAC is a non-profit collaborative group of designers / practitioners with expertise in architecture, landscape architecture, industrial design, furniture design and the visual arts. We design and implement strategic and culturally specific architecture, landscape, urban design and planning solutions.

We work with disadvantaged and vulnerable communities from the conception to completion of projects. We also work with groups and individuals whose access to design services is limited. At the core of our mission is a belief in the value of design and craft, and a sharing of that knowledge and experience with others. We have worked in Bangladesh, Haiti, Rwanda, Sudan, Albania, and the U.S. on projects ranging in scale from furniture to urban design.

For GAC designers, all have the right to good design. Everyone can and should own the process of building their environment. We engage design through a projective model, actively seeking out partners and projects that can have an intelligent and sustained impact on communities and the individuals most in need of productive spaces and design foresight. To this end, we work with communities and clients to find appropriate funding, develop construction methodologies, and design and plan for growth and long-term maintenance strategies.

GAC has satellite offices in: Boston | Charlottesville | New York | San Fransisco | Syracuse

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