Direct Estimators

Direct Estimators is a Construction Cost Estimating firm. We do all types of estimates at all different stages of construction. Detailed elemental estimates can be provided including material quantities, which the client can use to track the project cost as well as the progress as a whole.This enables the client to foresee any hidden cost and be in full control of the project. We also provide contract administration advice, which will enable the client to enter into the correct contract and complete the project successfully.

An important consideration is the means of tender in which the Principal Agent must decide the manner in which the procurement process will be followed and which documents to be used.

The rates provided in the estimate will not only serve as a baseline cost for the project, but can also be used in the procurement process as to ensure that the tenderer can successfully enter his rates. This can then be compared to the estimate to form a new baseline and a means of contract change administration

The value of such services are often not fully understood and not only in the form of cost saving, but also in dispute resolution or avoidance as a whole. This can have severe effects on the project and the complication of the works.

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