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47125 Why shaking up South Africa's power utility matters for the economy
47121 Why it's taken so long to prosecute state capture cases in South Africa
47119 Stability in southern Africa hinges on how leaders gain and lose power
47107 How severe is the drought? A detailed look at the data
47104 Is the net about to close on Zuma and his Gupta patronage network?
47101 Ethiopia's hotel industry needs help to encourage tourism
47090 Cape Town’s central railway line is “a war zone”
47087 Facts and myths about Cape Town’s water crisis
47080 Why Tunisians are back on the streets seven years after the Jasmine Revolution
47079 Thinking, researching and writing Africa: insights from Nigeria's Tutuola
47073 Corobrik Regional Awards - 31st Student of the Year Award
47067 Cape Town's map of water usage has residents seeing red
47061 Key models that Kampala needs to consider to manage its urban sprawl
47059 How creating a water poverty map for all of Africa can help sound policies
47057 Why the drought levy tabled by Cape Town's mayor is unfair
47055 Cape Town launches map to track water usage
47051 Get involved in the 8th World Water Forum
47050 ICLEI World Congress 2018
47047 Africa should respond to Trump's racist rant by taking the moral high ground
47044 Zimbabwe urgently needs a new land administration system
47035 New dams in Africa could add risk to power supplies down the line
47029 In photos: Cape Town’s favourite public space
47028 Murder and corruption in the mining town the world forgot
47026 Roadside artist uses tins to show life in informal settlements
47019 Commission of Inquiry to probe State Capture in South Africa
47018 PRASA staff try to block state capture
47015 Disabled people in Africa get a raw deal. What's been done to fix this
47005 Setback for giant West Coast mine project
47004 Listeria Outbreak Shuts Down Unhygienic Sovereign Foods Abbatoir
47002 Why Rwanda's development model wouldn't work elsewhere in Africa
46973 The three barriers blocking Zimbabwe's progress: Zanu-PF, Mnangagwa and the military
46956 Towards local thinking for global action in 2018!
46954 Who is Cyril Ramaphosa? A profile of the new leader of South Africa's ANC
46953 What does Ramaphosa's victory mean for South Africa's economy?
46952 It will take more than good intentions to clear Nairobi's garbage mountains
46947 The ANC has a new leader: but South Africa remains on a political precipice
46944 Why Kenya’s push for nuclear power rests on false or fanciful premises
46942 Fracking and earthquakes: weighing up the dangers in South Africa
46941 Why Ramaphosa won't be able to deliver the three urgent fixes South Africa needs
46938 News that mattered: 2017 in photos
46922 Vintage Zuma delivers a vengeful swansong, devoid of any responsibility
46913 Historical land battle decided in Constitutional Court
46895 Press statement - SACAP 4th Term Council Status update
46892 How Portuguese migrants in Angola navigate corruption
46887 UCLG Statement before the One Planet Summit 2017
46884 Cape Town's water crisis: driven by politics more than drought
46882 West Africa: empirehood and colonialism offer lessons in integration
46881 The world's largest refugee camp: what the future holds for Dadaab
46880 AFRISAM-SAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture & Innovation Entries Now Open
46878 Design Indaba Conference 2018