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44574 Biggest land occupation in Cape Town in recent years is taking place
44573 SACAP Gives SA Architectural Graduates International Head Start
44569 The pros and cons of commercial farming models in Africa
44553 National Urban Policies: Implementing the SDGs and the New Urban Agenda
44525 All roads to sustainable energy lead to the sun
44512 South African government's plan to transform the property sector
44502 The South African government hasn't given up the fight for nuclear
44500 The CEO of South Africa's power utility is back. Why the move can't be justified
44499 America's snub of the African Union should spur regional powers into action
44498 African universities must take a critical view of knowledge and how it's made
44495 UKZN winner announced at the 30th Corobrik Architectural Awards
44488 We need to talk about Zambia as it falls from grace under President Lungu
44486 The path towards a 'human economy' needs no help from elitist agendas
44485 What a new university in Africa is doing to decolonise social sciences
44436 Explainer: what's behind the high stakes in Kenya's presidential elections
44434 Africa's research universities can help to drive an urban agenda
44428 SACAP launches RPL Online - Monday 08 May 2017
44424 The new labour struggle: less work, same pay, and basic income for all
44413 Dialogue and learning to build inclusive cities for migrants
44409 SACAP 4th Term Council engages with DPW Minister in relation to A4C petition
44406 Wits' Dewar secures spot as architectural student awards finalist
44404 South Sudan crisis deepens as main rebel groups fragment and realign
44401 Why hostilities between Tanganyika and Zanzibar still challenge Tanzanian unity
44399 African history is a discipline on the rise -- and one that raises many questions
44389 The fate of Africa's Lake Tanganyika lies in the balance
44387 Why brutalising food vendors hits Africa's growing cities where it hurts
44386 Court ruling on Zuma's nuclear deal is a marker of South Africa's political health
44385 No nuclear energy option for South Africa -- for now at least
44373 Johannesburg and Accra: inching their way up the urban food chain
44367 Kenyan voters need to resist the allure of voting for the usual suspects
44352 Local governments are crucial for the implementation of the global development agendas
44346 Kenya's history of election violence is threatening to repeat itself
44344 Stability in the DRC: a look beyond political agreements
44330 Fighting injustice helps in creating resilient urban spaces
44328 Survey sheds light on who marched against President Zuma and why
44327 Now is not the time for the UN to run from the DRC
44269 Mega housing projects to bring relief to Ekurhuleni
44263 No need to despair even as the dream of South Africa feels like a nightmare
44261 The markets can stomach a captured Treasury but South Africa's poor will suffer
44164 South Africa's crisis: Calling things by their true name
44155 Totally Concrete Expo, 23 and 24 May 2017 - Free CPD event offered
44154 4th Term Council awaits the Ministry’s engagement in relation to A4C petition
44150 Rwanda adds to energy mix with first peat-fired power plant in Africa
44145 Johannesburg's bike lanes are not well used. Here's why
44138 South Africans are learning that they're not that exceptional after all
44112 Power Struggle – Understanding SA’s nuclear and renewable energy options
44111 Singular focus – Sasol place
44103 Beyond Buildings: Street level thinking in Braamfontein
44082 Why South Africa’s courts cannot rein in a delinquent government
44077 Firing of South Africa's finance minister puts the public purse in Zuma's hands