Croatian striker Mario Mandzukic announces retirement from global football

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Croatian striker Mario Mandzukic has announced his retirement from international football almost a month after helping the Balkan nation reach the World Cup final for the first time.

The 32-year-old Juventus forward scored 33 goals for Croatia, , in 89 appearances since his 2007 debut.

Mandzukic netted three goals in the World Cup finals in Russia, including the winner against England in the semi-finals and his team’s second goal in the 4-2 defeat by France in the final.

Apart from two World Cups, Mandzukic also represented Croatia in two European Championships and was named the nation’s Footballer of the Year in 2012 and 2013.



Thomas Tickell: The Soldier’s late destroying Hand shall rear new Temples in his native Land

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Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

British writers on peace and war


Thomas Tickell
From A Poem, on the Prospect of Peace

To Britain’s QUEEN the scepter’d Suppliant bends,
To Her his Crowns and Infant Race commends,
Who grieves Her Fame with Christian Blood to buy,
Nor asks for Glory at a Price so high.
At Her Decree, the War suspended stands,
And Britain’s Heroes hold their lifted Hands,
Their open Brows no threat’ning Frowns disguise,
But gentler Passions sparkle in their Eyes.
The Gauls, who never in their Courts could find
Such temper’d Fire with manly Beauty join’d,
Doubt if they’re those, whom, dreadful to the View
In Forms so fierce their fearful Fancies drew;
At whose dire Names ten thousand Widows prest
Their helpless Orphans clinging to the Breast.
In silent Rapture each his Foe surveys,
They vow firm Friendship, and give mutual Praise.
Brave Minds, howe’er at War, are secret Friends,
Their gen’rous Discord with the Battel ends;
In Peace they wonder whence Dissension rose,
And ask how Souls so like could e’er be Foes…

Henceforth be Thine, Vice-Gerent of the Skies,
Scorn’d Worth to raise, and Vice in Robes chastise,
To dry the Orphan’s Tears, and from the Bar,
Chace the Brib’d Judge, and hush the wordy War,
Deny the curst Blasphemer’s Tongue to rage,
And turn God’s Fury from an impious Age.
Blest Change! the Soldier’s late destroying Hand
Shall rear new Temples in his native Land…

At length, Heaven’s Wrath appeas’d, he quits the War,
To roll his Orb, and guide his destin’d Star,
To shed kind Fate, and lucky Hours bestow,
And smile propitious on the World below…


Tragedy in Sudan as over 20 primary school children drown: state agencies

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Over 20 people including primary school children and a female hospital employee perished on Wednesday when a boat carrying more than 40 people sank while crossing the Nile in northern Sudan, state news agency SUNA said.

Civil defence forces were searching the waters for the bodies of the missing children, the agency added. A female hospital employee also drowned.

It said the boat’s engine failed in a high current while it was crossing the river to a school in Kabna, a small village in northern Sudan. The woman was identified as a hospital employee in the village.



Somalians brace up for online businesses

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Online businesses create a new virtual market in war torn Somalia, creating more jobs and easing business transactions.

Some educated young men in Somalia launched different online businesses to utilize the internet technology and cover the needs of their communities for online businesses.

They sell different items on online platforms and deliver to customers. They use local mobile money transfer services.

After more than two decades of war, Somalia, located in the horn of Africa is recuperating and making more progress in many aspects with online business startups, the business was launched in December 2016 to create a new virtual market and facilitate business transactions.

Soomar Online Market, is one of the most successful online business startups in Somalia.

Creative Director, Soomar Online Market, Abdifatah Mohamed said online business employed more than hundred young people including women as the offices expand throughout the country.

“At the beginning, our sales were very low, but now, we make 500,000 business transactions per month,” he added.

Soomar sells different items on online and delivers them to customers. the online business uses local mobile money transfer services.

Customer Hassan Bashir one of Mogadishu youth and a university student, said he needed some books and Instead of going to the traditional market, he bought them from Soomar online business. “they were brought to me in short time. So, I am very happy to buy things without going to the market” he said.

“By using online business platform, I bought a camera and its tripod from Soomar, the items were delivered and brought to my house”
Motorbikes are only the only method for delivering the sold items, but also, young men employed deliver them by foot,” Sultan Abdi, Another customer said.

By utilizing the internet technology, online businesses are booming and bring about an economic growth in East African nation.

“We get more advantages from online commerce, because, people gain income from operating these kinds of businesses and the government generate tax revenues, therefore, the economic grows,” An Economist, Ahmed Mohamed said.

According to l International Labour Organization (ILO), Somalia is one of the countries with highest unemployment rates in the world.


Museveni blames police, politicians for death of Bobi Wine's driver in Arua

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*As voters in Uganda’s West Nile town of Arua head to the polls on Wednesday, president Yoweri Museveni has issued a statement explaining the clashes in Arua’s by-election that caused the death of a legislator’s driver.

Several MPs including popular musician and government critic, Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine were arrested following Monday’s deadly clashes, as police explained that opposition supporters had attacked the president’s convoy as it left the NRM rally in Arua.

Kassiano Wadri, an independent candidate in the Arua municipality race, was also arrested and is still detained, even as the Electoral Commission confirmed that he is still one of the candidates that voters can select in today’s poll.

Museveni, in his statement, blamed the chaos that claimed the life of Yasin Kawuma, Bobi Wine’s driver on ‘weak management by the police and criminal behaviour by some opposition leaders’.

‘‘The stones they threw broke the rear glass window of the car where we transport luggage. That window glass is not armoured. There was no harm on the old man with a hat,’‘ explained the president.

Museveni said his security detail restrained from responding to the opposition attack because ‘we were not equipped for anti-riots’.

‘‘Our intervention could have resulted into people’s death because we only had live bullets.’‘

The president concluded by squarely saying politicians who organise rowdy supporters are responsible for their actions, and will be punished according to the law.

Arua is holding a by-election to replace the previous MP for Arua, Ibrahim Abiriga, was shot dead in June in still unexplained circumstances.

The opposition in Uganda has long accused President Museveni of using the military and police to influence the outcome of elections. He denies the allegation.

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