Comoros: life returns to normalcy as residents decry lack of water, electricity

2 days ago

Life is returning to normalcy in the Comoros following scenes of explosion and gunfire on Monday according to witnesses.

On Thursday, October 18, residents of the island nation had running water after a cut which lasted for several days due to the clash between rebels elements.

Since Monday, shops were closed with water and electricity cut after fighting opposes rebel elements to the Comorian regular forces. According to local authorities, the incident left at least three people dead.

The clashes in Comoros occurred due to strong tensions which was provoked by the head of state’s will to extend his mandate to eleven years. The disturbances was concentrated in Medina, a stronghold of opponents.

According to AFP, elsewhere in the city where a night curfew has been imposed, the situation appear to have returned to normalcy again although residents continue to suffer from shortages of basic amenities like water and electricity.

Meanwhile, the country’s Interior Minister Mohamed Daoudou has said the police is determined to end the situation as soon as possible.

The political atmosphere has deteriorated in the Comoros since the constitutional referendum of July 30. This poll which has over 90 percent of yes votes strengthened the powers of President Assoumani, including allowing him to serve two successive terms instead of one.

Since 2001, the presidency was assigned every five years to a representative of one of the three islands of the country (Grande-Comore, Anjouan and Mohéli). It was thus expected that Anjouan would take the next presidency.

But Azali Assoumani, the ex-coup leader who was elected in 2016, has announced his intention to hold an early presidential election next year, which would allow him to reset the electoral counters and reign over the archipelago in case of victory until 2029.



Italian clothing giant opens factory in Ethiopia's Tigray region

2 days 1 hour ago

An Italian clothing manufacturer has opened its first factory in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray regional state.

The factory located in the regional capital Mekelle is Calzedonia’s first factory on the continent. Photos shared by government showed workers working at a production line.

State-affiliated FBC said senior government officials, including State Minister of Trade and Industry Mebrahtu Meles, attended the inauguration ceremony on Thursday.

The report added that the factory which employs over 1000 people has already started exporting 22 million birr ($786,000) worth clothes per month to European destinations.

The company according to its website are specialized in the area of hosiery, leggings, socks and swim wear for women, men and kids. “Products and inspirations about tights, hosiery and beachwear,” it said in its Twitter bio.

Calzedonia (Italy), a big global apparel manufacturer & retailer (4,000 stores), today inaugurated its first #Africa factory in #Ethiopia (Mekele). It already employs 1,300 & exports. Congratution Dr. Veronesi (Calzedonia’s visionary founder), CEO & team. fitsumaregaa (1 of 2)— Zemedeneh Negatu (Zemedeneh) October 19, 2018

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who recently inaugurated an industrial park in Oromia and a sugar factory in the Southern Ethiopian Peoples Region congratulated the investors via his chief of staff.

In seeking to export their merchandise, the logistical proximity of Mekelle to the Eritrean port of Massawa, is largely ween as a key plank to further strengthening the regional economy and the July 8 peace deal.

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