Cameroon bishops warn against election fraud

1 week ago

The conclusions of the observation of the presidential election through Cameroon’s Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace has denounced flagrant breaches of the provisions of the Electoral Code.

This report signed by Monsignior Samuel Kleda on behalf of the Catholic Church was made public on thursday October 10.

This commission said it deployed 242 observers to 56 of Cameroon’s 58 districts on the day of elections, depicting a huge presence on the ground.

Among these frauds, the Episcopal report highlights “the attempted bribery of one of the observers of the Justice and Peace Commission in a polling station in Maroua in the far north, the banning of access of independent observers to certain polling stations, the installation of polling stations in certain traditional chiefdoms in defiance of the law, the vote attributed to those absent on election day, the failure to make voter cards available to certain potential voters, the presence of duplicates on certain electoral lists”.

The Bishops also regret the fact that voters in the two English-speaking regions in crisis since October 2016 were unable to participate in the vote due to a tense security climate.


African rhinos 'have more bodyguards than I do' – Prince Williams

1 week ago

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince Williams, has bemoaned the extent to which African wildlife has been poached leading to radical measures aimed at protecting them.

Prince Williams who in September 2018 visited Kenya, Tanzania and Namibia said it was so bad that some endangered rhinos he saw on the trip had more bodyguards than he did.

“Some of the rhinos I saw are under such threats that they have more bodyguards than I do,” the prince said. He was speaking at the opening of a wildlife protection summit in London on Thursday, October 11.

The fourth Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference, a two-day event hosted by the British government is a conference that aims to eradicate illegal wildlife trade by bringing together political leaders, businesses and conservation groups, the British government said on its website.

The conference was also addressed by presidents of Botswana, Uganda and Gabon. Botswana’s former president Ian Khama was also present as was Tanzania’s minister of Natural Resources and Tourism. Kenya’s First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta, was also part of deliberations.

Prince Williams’ concern of wildlife extinction

Prince William added that it was heartbreaking that his children might not see elephants, rhinos and tigers in the wild and urged stakeholders to tackle illegal wildlife trade.

He said he was not willing to look his children in the eye and tell them his generation allowed for the extinction of animals to take place.

“I am not willing to look my children in the eye and say that we were the generation that let this happen on our watch. It is time to treat the illegal wildlife trade as the serious organised crime that it is.” — The Duke of Cambridge #EndWildlifeCrime— Kensington Palace (@KensingtonRoyal) October 11, 2018

The prince is the president of United for Wildlife, which fights illegal trade in wildlife, and patron of Tusk, an organisation that promotes conservation.

The Elephant Protection Initiative, EPI, an advocacy group with footprints across Africa is a key partner to the conference along with others like Conservation International, the Elephant Crisis Fund, the Environmental Investigation Agency among others.


October 11: International Day of the Girl Child - What is it about?

1 week ago

The child anywhere across the world is to be protected by all means possible. Every country has laws or has signed up to international conventions relating to protection of children.

The ‘Girl Child’ has long been given priority given that they are usually classed as vulnerable and thus in need of added protection and support.

Whiles there is no international boys day, the girls do have it. The day which falls yearly on October 11, is to highlight the successes and challenges that the girl child faces as well as plan how to scale hurdles that lay ahead. It is a day institutionalized by the United Nations.

The theme for the 2018 International Day of the Girl Child is: “With Her: A Skilled Girl Force.”

The UN Women in a statement said: “...we stand with girls everywhere as they inspire, innovate and take charge of their own future.

“The 1.1 billion girls of today’s world are challenging the status quo. They’re redefining girlhood, and they’re doing so against the odds.

“Across the world, girls face adversities that hinder their education, training and entry into the workforce.They have less access to information, communication technology and resources, such as the internet where the global gender gap is growing.

“A quarter of young people, most of them girls, are neither employed nor getting an education or training,” the statement added.

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