Mali presidential runoff: Vote counting underway [The Morning Call]

21 hours 8 minutes ago

Malians went the polls on Sunday August 12, 2018 in the presidential runoff that observers say was mostly peaceful though voter turnout was relatively low. Several polling stations also came under attack from armed men leading to the death of one election official in the country’s northern region. The runoff was between incumbent president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita and his main challenger Soumaila Cissé.


Cameroon: New video shows extrajudicial killings [The Morning Call]

21 hours 15 minutes ago

A shocking video showing more brutal killings of civilians by armed forces in Cameroon. Amnesty International has confirmed that the video, shot in the village of Achigaya in Cameroon’s Far North region corroborates previous accounts of extrajudicial executions which Cameroonian authorities continue to deny.


Influence of the African culture on the world [The Morning Call]

21 hours 20 minutes ago

The African culture is a product of the diverse populations that today inhabit the African continent and the African Diaspora. Is it sufficiently exported outside the continent? And how can it’s influence be ensured? Salambéré Alimata. former Minister of Culture in Burkina Faso, tells us more.


South Africa court declares appointment of state prosecutor by ex-president Zuma 'invalid'

21 hours 35 minutes ago

South Africa’s Constitutional Court has declared the appointment of chief state prosecutor Shaun Abrahams as “constitutionally invalid”, upholding a decision by a lower court that found he had been improperly appointed by former president Jacob Zuma.

Abrahams was appealing an earlier High Court judgmentthat ruled that the removal of his predecessor, Mxolisi Nxasana, was unlawful and that his own appointment be revoked.

Abrahams was appointed after the removal of his predecessor Mxolisi Nxasana, who accepted a R17 million ($1.1m) settlement package president Zuma.

Non-governmental organisations, Corruption Watch and Freedom Under Law took the matter on the removal of Nxasana to the High Court, which ruled in their favor.

‘‘The removal of Mr Nxasana and appointment of Adv Abrahams are constitutionally invalid. Subsections 12(4) and 12(6) of the NPA Act are declared unconstitutional. (Corruption Watch v President of RSA)’‘

Judgment: The removal of Mr Nxasana and appointment of Adv Abrahams are constitutionally invalid. Subsections 12(4) and 12(6) of the NPA Act are declared unconstitutional. (Corruption Watch v President of RSA)— Constitutional Court (@ConCourtSA) 13 août 2018

The Court subsequently made the following pronouncements:

orders president to appoint a new National Director of Public Prosecutions within 90 days
Nxasana is ordered to pay back over R10million ($688,000)

orders parliament to correct 2 clauses of section 12 of NPA act which includes the indefinite suspension of NDPP and Deputies

South Africa: corruption case against Zuma adjourned to Nov. 30


‘Racist state’ or ‘vibrant democracy’? Israel’s nation-state law sparks debate live on RT (VIDEO)

22 hours 6 minutes ago

Preview Israeli and Palestinian pundits clashed live on whether Israel – which recently passed a controversial Jewish nation-state law – is a “vibrant Mideast democracy” or a “racist chauvinist” regime much worse than that of apartheid.

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Guinea's Naby Keita impresses in Liverpool debut

22 hours 25 minutes ago

Guinea’s national football captain, Naby Keita announced himself on the English Premier League scene with a Man of the Match performance in Liverpool’s 4-0 win over West Ham on Sunday.

The 23 year old midfielder who was signed by Jurgen Klopp in July for up to $79m, was excellent on his debut for the English club side, dominating the midfield and playing a role in Mohamed Salah’s opening goal in the 19th minute.

Reactions to Keita’s debut

His performance earned him plaudits from manager, Jurgen Klopp, fellow players, pundits and the fans.

‘‘So Naby is in because he’s a really good footballer and I’ve said it from the beginning that he’s obviously settled really quick and has a similar style of play in a similar position as he did at Leipzig,’‘ said Klopp after the match.

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“I knew he was an aggressive player but by taking the No 8 shirt which has been vacant since Steven Gerrard left Liverpool three years ago, Keita proved before a ball was even kicked that he does not shy away from a challenge,’‘ said former Liverpool midfielder-turned-pundit, Jamie Redknapp.

Liverpool fans have waited almost a year to see Keita in action after he was initially signed 12 months ago from RB Leipzig.

A premierleague debut and tonight's winner. ?

? NabyDeco ?— Liverpool FC (@LFC) 12 août 2018

Naby Keita was worth the wait for Liverpool – rarely has a player looked so good this quickly— Fan@TAK ?? (@Tahneet) 13 août 2018

?Liverpool Fab 4?..
.Keita...#Kuzoba Lit at EPL

— ❤Griezmann❤?⚽?? (PuseletsoGriez2) 13 août 2018

Fellow players, Mane and James Milner also heaped praise on the new signing.

‘‘He is a ball winner with great drive and fantastic ability. I have seen him get out of some ridiculous situations in training where he had no right to do it,’‘ Milner on Naby Keita.

“I’m happy for him. He played very, very well. Everybody was happy about the job he did for us,’‘ said Sadio Mane.

Introducing Naby Keita

Keita, who made his debut for the Guinea national team in July 2013, has played for European clubs RB Leipzig, Red Bull Salzburg and FC Istres before his Anfield move.

He is described as a box-to-box central midfielder, with ability to distribute the ball with range and accuracy, while also scoring goals frequently.

Keita has been compared to France’s N’Golo Kanté and Portugal legend Deco.

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Trump approves law detailing new conditions to end Zimbabwe sanctions

22 hours 36 minutes ago

US President Donald Trump has approved a new law that imposes tough new conditions that must be met by Zimbabwe before sanctions are lifted.

The US law says the Zimbabwean army must ‘‘respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of all persons and to be nonpartisan in character’‘.

The Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Amendment Act which was signed into law on Friday, states that for sanctions to end, Zimbabwe’s July 30 poll must be ‘‘widely accepted as free and fair’‘.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said the Southern African nation is open for business, but this US law could weaken his plan.

Zimbabweans went to the polls to elect a new leader in first post-Mugabe poll, which the opposition Movement for Democratic Change -Alliance has filed a legal challenge against.

6 people were killed in a military attack on opposition protesters days after supporters besieged the streets of Harare over the disputed poll.


James Jennings: Reign goddess, Peace, throughout eternal years

23 hours 9 minutes ago


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

British writers on peace and war


James Jennings
Ode on the Prospect of Peace


What heavenly goddess from yon cloud
Her radiant form begins t’ unshroud;
Whose banners, fair and bright unfurl’d
Revive the bloody-weltering world,
With halcyon days of happiest scope?
‘Tis she – the everlasting Hope!
Who long, by War and Discord’s cohorts driven,
From earth, sought peace and love, and amity in heaven.


Lo! too, descending in her train,
Her whom long time the nations sought in vain;
Her whom, long time, each honoured son,
Or ere the work of death begun,
With strong entreaty and with many a year,
By every name to love and friendship dear,
Sought to detain below: but faction loud
And mad Ambition, ‘midst fierce Folly’s crowd,
The gentle accents drowned; then to the car
Of wild Destruction chained the steeds of War,
Whose clattering hoofs flung desolation round,
Whilst Murder laughed at every groan profound.


Lo! now she peers above yon darkening cloud!
Hope leads her on! each name of prowess proud:
The stern companions in array
Of bloody War, behold the day
Begins to dawn, whose sun shall rise,
And scatter darkness from the skies.
Behold and tremble, Slaughter rears
His sword aloft; but, filled with fears
To strike delays, whilst from his hand,
As touched by magic’s forceful wand,
Drops the dread weapon, ere the gentle Peace
Can even proclaim that even Havoc’s hands shall cease.


Discord abashed retires, and drops her scroll
Of lies; and Famine pale no more
Shall o’er the dying with sunk eyebrows pore,
Nor smile to hear the cannon’s deaf’ning roll.
Distress looks up, and from the cottage peeps,
Where orphaned infancy still sleeps,
Unconscious of his loss, – The war smoke flies,
And beams of gladness streak the azure skies: –
The mother’s heart beats high; – the sorrowing maid
With timid step, by love betrayed,
Midst scenes of horror roved;
A noble form with light steps moves!
‘Tis he, her Hero; far away he throws
His sword: for gone are all their woes.
He clasps her to his breast; the angel’s past
Who vollies in the storm
And Peace appears at last!


But Desolation hovers yet around!
Let Moscow tell, or Leipzic’s classic ground,
Whose peaceful halls the muses bless’d,
Where Science many a sage caress’d; –
Let tell Iberia, or those fields
Where Plenty’s stream abundance yields;
Woe stalks abroad; and Hunger nigh
Derides of Want the widow’s sigh!
What hand to heal – what arm to save
The pining wretch beside the grave,
Who asks not, but whose looks impart
Important lessons to the heart?
Yes, there are hands to save – to heal!
The sons of Britain still can feel;
And, midst of war the direful woe,
Their healing streams of charity shall flow.


On thee, O Peace! we call; O deign descend;
And may earth’s sons thy holy cause befriend.
O Hope benign! our wishes aid!
And Justice, be thou nigh?
O bid Persuasion haste the maid
With Mercy from on high.
O Peace! thine altars long destroyed restore!
And bid the mountains leap – the vallies sing!
O wave thy olive branch below once more,
And let the nations willing tribute bring!
Assert thy power! and thy benignant sway
Shall princes, kings, and potentates obey.


Let the harp’s loud lively measure
Lead along the airy dance!
Let the mazy round of pleasure
For awhile the soul entrance!
Be the strain, in echoing numbers,
Wafted down the fruitful dell;
Peace approaching from his slumbers
Rouses Mirth – to Care farewell!
Age may now repeat his story
Underneath the ivied tree;
Let the youth who sighs for glory
Consecrate his heart to thee.
To thee, O Peace, be every blessing,
Love and happiness abound;
Science, Virtue, Truth caressing,
Freedom fair by just laws crowned.


Behold her tributary deities – the Arts
Lend their conspiring aid, and trophies rear
Of all her conquering power! what time all hearts
Join in the general joy; whilst some appear
To woo the muse of song.
And many a name the stream of time along
Exultant floats; fair Science lends her hand,
And grand improvement scatters through the land
Bridges and roads, canals and lofty domes,
Prompted by patriot wealth, or patriot power;
Commerce the cheerful sailors from their homes
Tempts with rich traffic; riches shower
Their blessings far abroad – the poor no more
Ask alms in vain. The seas and every shore
Free as the winds; no hostile sail is seen,
As gay the vessels glide upon the ocean green.


The sons of genius and of learning look
No more in vain through Nature’s ample book;
Nor from her pages seek delight,
The hidden stores of glory bright,
To guide the sons of man with the meed
Of fostering wealth and high deserving praise;
The inspiring goddess of the poets days;
The fair reward of every patriot deed.
Religion, too, no more shall stand
And shake her fetters to the astonished crowd;
But in Persuasion’s accents loud
Shall lead Benevolence by her right hand.
Nor Superstition her gross chains shall bind
Around the fairest works of heaven – the mind!
For truth’s Ithuriel spear,
Shall, as a wand, the mists of error clear,
And Conscience leap for joy in every land.


The sons of Britain and of Gallia meet
No more in hostile strife, but greet
With Cordiality’s warm-shaking hand,
Their long divided hearts, and deep deplore
The havoc Folly broods for evermore;
Whilst young Columbia stretches o’er the seas
The arm of amity; each favouring breeze
Glad accent brings
From many a distant land:
The Austrian, Prussian now look up indeed.
Assembled princes and most potent kings
Welcome the newborn hopes. The nations smile,
And many a heart felt pang the tidings half beguile.


O gladd’ning prospect of the happiest days!
Let Memory consecrate in solemn lays
The past, as lessons dear
Which princes and which people ought revere;
Princes – That justice and the people’s right
Be their sole aim, their every day delight;
The people – that their meal
Is best obtained by steady, temperate zeal;
Nor may foul anarchy intrude,
Lest stern Oppression rouse her ready barking brood.


She hears, nor shall the cannon’s roar
And War’s dread Whoop appal us more;
The angels’ song the vaulted heavens fill,
Sweet peace descends, and in her train Goodwill.
Long may she reign, a grateful world replies,
Sole sovereign here as in her native skies.
Amen, amen echo the whirling spheres,
Reign goddess, Peace, throughout eternal years.



Malians eagerly await results of Sunday's run-off poll

23 hours 24 minutes ago

Malians await results of Sunday’s presidential election run-off which was characterized by violence, amidst accusations of fraud by the opposition candidate, Soumalia Cisse.

Incumbent President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita has denied these accusations.

The election results are expected between the next four to five days.

The winner will take office in early September and has a huge task of relaunching the peace agreement signed in 2015 with the former rebellion Tuareg group.

Sunday’s poll was marred by violence and security sources confirmed the death of the chief of one of the polling stations in the region of Timbuktu.

73-year old Keita is in a strong position to win a second five-year term. In the first round, he polled 41.70% of the vote, against 17.78% for 68 year old Soumalia Cissé.



Liverpool's African kings Salah, Mane score in dominant win over West Ham

23 hours 24 minutes ago

Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane picked off from where they stopped last season as they scored in a dominant win over West Ham in the English club’s premier league’s opener.

Egypt’s Salah, whose record goal scoring earned him the Golden Boot last season with 32 goals, opened the scoring on Sunday at Anfield, tapping in Andy Robertson’s cross.

Salah’s goal featured an important contribution from new signing, Guinean Naby Keita, who cost 50 million pounds ($63.84m) from RB Leipzig.

Senegal’s captain, Mane who was recently handed the significant No. 10 jersey scored Liverpool’s second and third goals, in a game that would eventually end 4-0.

Substitute Daniel Sturridge made it four just seconds after coming on.

10 minutes 10 seconds ago
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