Melbourne stabbing was a terrorist attack - police

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Australian Police say the attacker, who died in hospital after being shot, was known to them and they are treating the case as terrorism.

A man stabbed three people in the Australian city of Melbourne on Friday killing one, before being shot and wounded by police.

Graham Ashton, the chief commissioner of Victoria police, said the attacker was known to police and federal intelligence agencies.

Ashton said the man had history of a minor drug, theft and driving offences, lived in Melbourne’s north-western suburbs and came to Australia from Somalia in the 1990s.

“You got to get through it. You got to just pick yourself up and continue on. And it’s kind of hard thing. It shouldn’t happen, but it does,” said local resident.

Security official said they had initially responded to a car on fire. The bomb response unit has been called in and the streets closed to the public.

Two videos obtained by Reuters show a car in flames on a street and emergency vehicles arriving.

“There’s police everywhere. This is insane,” nearby resident Jack Lovel was heard saying in one of the videos show from his bedroom window.

Melbourne Bourke Street attack: assailant, one stabbing victim dead in 'terrorism incident'— BAYGUI (@baygui) November 9, 2018

The street where the car caught fire was the scene in January 2017 of a fatal but not terror-related incident in which a man drove his car at pedestrians at high speed, killing six people and wounding about 30.


The significance of a Somali ex-refugee woman elected to US congress [The Morning Call]

6 days 10 hours ago

She is only 36 years old, a Somali woman, a Muslim, and former refugee, but all of that would not deter Ilhan Omar as voters backed her bid to the US Congress in the just concluded midterm elections; helping her to make history.

The Democrat candidate was resoundingly elected with over 78% of the vote in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, joining the surge of new candidates who helped the Democrats take back the House.


A conversation on the legalization of Marijuana [The Morning Call]

6 days 10 hours ago

During a discussion on the decriminalization of drug use at a diplomatic dinner in Vienna in March, a Central African representative said that “African countries cannot decriminalize, because only criminals use drugs, and use them to have the courage to do their criminal deeds.

Contrasting with Europe, where he said people use drugs because they have access to everything – jobs, leisure, the diplomat claimed that in African countries, people are not using drugs, and those who use them need to be punished.” The diplomat’s take on drugs and their presence in African society summarizes the most common perceptions of and prejudices against drugs and people who use them.


EU observers say Madagascar presidential vote anomalies are marginal

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The European Union two days after the end of the first round vote of the presidential elections in Madagascar said they are Satisfied with the progress.

While former President Hery Rajao-nari-mam-pianina denounces many irregularities, European observers consider them to be marginal, for them, the election was credible.

“What we found as difficulties and anomalies were logistical issues, issues raised with the organization that had no impact on the credibility of the elections. That’s the fundamental conclusion,” said Cristian Preda, Head of European Union Observers.

On the other hand, European observers were keen to report major malfunctions during the election campaign.

“The election campaign, is another observation we made, it was marked by the absence of a ceiling on campaign spending, and this, as I said at the beginning, led to disparities in financial resources that were visible between the last three former presidents and the other candidates,” said Cristian Preda, Head of European Union Observers.

The very provisional results published on Friday by the Electoral Commission puts Andry Rajoelina in the lead, followed closely by Marc Ravalomanana.

Residents have been hoping for the second peaceful election since 2009, when Ravalomanana was forced out of office by protests led by Rajoelina in what international organizations such as the African Union said was a coup.


The Wire Season 2 Review (Preview)

6 days 11 hours ago
In the second of my subscriber-only reviews of The Wire I look at season 2. Focusing on smuggling through the port of Baltimore this season explores how capitalism has evolved to a post-industrial phase dominated by service industries like sex and drugs, how investigating sex slavery is relegated behind lesser crimes, and the parallels between […]

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