Beninese opposition demands new electoral code

4 hours 57 minutes ago

Benin’s opposition has called on Beninese President, Patrice Talon to amend the country’s electoral code before legislative elections in April.

The opposition has denounced the complexity of procedures to submit files for candidates.

It accuses the government of organizing a charade and called for an immediate meeting of the political class to review electoral laws.

At a press conference, the opposition led by former presidents Boni Yayi and Nicéphore Solgo explained that it is difficult to obtain a tax clearance certificate less than three years as part of conditions to submit a file for a candidate.

The Beninese government has downplayed the accusations.

Some 5 million voters in 7,964 polling stations, including 55 abroad, will head to the polls on April 28 to elect members of the Beninese national assembly.


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