International Monetary Fund

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08.01.2017 Africa Africa is poised for sustainable growth and development. But there are risks 0.0 +59
05.01.2017 Ethiopia Ethiopia's political ripple a big test for infrastructure-led Chinese approach 0.0 +60
12.12.2016 Zimbabwe Why Zimbabwe has failed to sate the yearning for land and to fix rural hunger 0.0 +89
05.12.2016 South Africa South Africa avoided dreaded junk status. But the economy is far from healthy 0.0 +138
10.11.2016 South Africa South Africa needs tougher exchange controls before junk status hits 0.0 +133
08.11.2016 Mozambique Some good news from Mozambique: poverty levels reduced 0.0 +149
02.11.2016 Uganda Kampala Becoming City of the Walking Dead! 0.0 +192
26.10.2016 South Africa Highlights of South Africa's Mid-Term Budget 0.0 +415
16.09.2016 South Africa South Africa's economy will be stuck unless there's new political alignment 0.0 +304
14.09.2016 South Africa Reserve Bank independence: sobering lessons from India and South Africa 0.1 +160
11.09.2016 South Africa Business needs to change, and stop blaming others for South Africa's ills 0.0 +168
03.09.2016 Mozambique Mozambique Appoints IMF Official to Head Bank of Mozambique 0.0 +305
01.09.2016 South Africa Why patronage and state capture spell trouble for South Africa 0.1 +213
03.08.2016 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe may charge farmers rent for working on land seized from whites 0.0 +194
01.08.2016 South Africa After all, we in South Africa are a resilient lot - Jeff Radebe 0.0 +234