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30.11.2016 South Africa South Africa must tackle dominant firms to achieve better wealth distribution 0.2 +40
29.11.2016 South Africa Zuma lives to fight another day. But fallout from latest revolt will live on 0.2 +31
29.11.2016 South Africa A new centre of power through mass mobilisation is needed in South Africa 0.2 +30
27.11.2016 South Africa South Africa has a new energy plan. But will it break the bank? 0.1 +156
23.11.2016 Africa Africa's health won't improve without reliable data and collaboration 0.2 +69
23.11.2016 International Highlights of COP 22 for local and regional governments 0.0 +43
08.11.2016 Africa COP22 sets the stage for Africa to mobilise support for adaptation plans 0.0 +128
04.11.2016 Africa The rubber will hit the road for developing countries at COP22 in Marrakech 0.0 +62
02.11.2016 South Africa South Africans learn that the law can be a double-edged sword 0.0 +65
02.11.2016 South Africa Wake-up call for South Africans as Zuma sleeps through budget speech 0.1 +56
30.10.2016 South Africa South Africa's finance minister is caught between a rock and a hard place 0.1 +80
27.10.2016 South Africa Slow growth and shrinking revenues limit South Africa's finance minister 0.0 +89
27.10.2016 South Africa South African university crisis needs a change of policy, not just more money 0.0 +161
27.10.2016 South Africa South Africa's finance minister juggles both the books and the politics 0.0 +74
26.10.2016 South Africa Highlights of South Africa's Mid-Term Budget 0.1 +288