Experimental Urban Area for Africa - Ideas Competition

Within the "Developing the Regions of Africa and Europe" Project the Fondazione Banco di Sicilia, with the assistance of The European House - Ambrosetti, is launching an ideas competition for the design of a preliminary master plan for an experimental urban area for Africa.

Why an experimental urban area for Africa? 

In Africa, urbanization is more rapid than in any other part of the world; it is estimated that by 2030 more than 750 million Africans will be living in cities (more than the urban population of the entire western hemisphere), 45% more than current figures.

The challenge is on: Africa's urban agglomerations will have to be designed to withstand demographic and migration pressures and the challenges of governance, balancing the needs of economic development with those of social inclusion and sustainability. 

The aims of the Ideas Competition

Out of this scenario comes the idea to launch an international Ideas Competition to design an innovative, expandable and replicable model of an urban area which can provide structural solutions to the challenges/needs of African urbanization.

An additional aim of the competition is to focus the best ideas and design capabilities currently available among young European and African architects and engineers on this topic.

Some distinctive elements to be included in the master plan

The experimental urban area would like to become a reference model to meet the challenges posed by urbanization in African cities. To achieve this goal the area we are aiming to see designed through this competition should contain some distinctive features such as: integration in planning of infrastructures, utilities, transport systems and buildings; usage of new technologies, multi-functionality of spaces, social inclusion, energy self-sufficiency and economic sustainability (more details in the notice of competition).


The following prizes will be awarded:

* First prize: 10,000 Euros 
* Second prize: 5,000 Euros 
* Third prize: 3,000 Euros 

* 5 special commendations.

The winner of the first prize will be invited to take part in the 2011 Taormina Forum (6th and 7th October) where he will be awarded by the Chairman of Fondazione Banco di Sicilia and by the attending Authorities. 


· Download the notice of competition attached to this page below. 
· Participants (*): All European and African architects and engineers who will not be over the age of 40 on the date of the competition deadline may take part in the competition

· Deadline: The competition deadline is July 20th 2011 at 00:00 CET 

· For information: faqs-bandobancodisicilia@ambrosetti.eu . Every week the competition's technical secretariat will publish answers to all queries on the FAQ Document.

COMPETITION WEBSITE: http://www.ambrosetti.eu/english/fa_concorso_per_idee.php?iExpand3=479

(*) For all details relative to the competition, the written text of the competition notice is to be considered binding.

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