Zumtobel Group Services has used its COMPLETE portfolio to provide a range of effective services for users in the St Martin Tower office block in Frankfurt. Tenants can have their entire lighting and controls solution planned and implemented by Zumtobel Group Services. At the same time, the St Martin Tower management company (THA Immo Verwaltungs GmbH) is working with ZGS to launch a new “Digital Services” pilot project in certain areas of the building. The lighting controls system is providing an infrastructure with which to gather and analyse interior data, offering valuable information for the optimisation of important building-management processes.

Dornbirn, Austria – Completed in July 2015, the St Martin Tower on the Katharinenkreisel in the German financial capital of Frankfurt is a shining example of modern office architecture. The office ensemble – consisting of a wing-shaped tower and a U-shaped wing with a total area of approximately 25,000 square metres – heralds a new era in the design of commercial buildings. Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS) now offers a matching solution for the increasing number of tenants, as the COMPLETE range of ZGS services makes moving in as easy as possible – at least when it comes to the lighting technology.

Full service for lighting and controls

The general rooms of the THA Immo Verwaltungs GmbH building and a show floor were equipped with an energy-efficient LED lighting installation from the Zumtobel sister brand back in 2015. This solution included PANOS inifinity, SEQUENCE, DIAMO and CARDAN LED. The luminaires provide optimum light for working and create a pleasant atmosphere in the various different spaces. In addition, the LUXMATE LITENET lighting management system from ZGS automatically controls the luminaires and blinds, guaranteeing excellent energy efficiency.

With its COMPLETE service, ZGS now turns an outstanding lighting installation into an integrated turnkey solution. If a customer would like to rent individual rooms or whole floors from the 17,740 square metres available in the tower, ZGS can take care of the entire project coordination and implementation. Zumtobel Group Services then provides an optimum combination of Zumtobel luminaires and the LITENET lighting management system to suit the particular space. This means that everything is included: planning, installation and commissioning, as well as maintenance on request. Tenants do not have to worry about anything to do with lighting and can really benefit from this comprehensive range of services. Several major customers have already taken advantage of the COMPLETE service, with the business-software provider Sage now using a turnkey solution from ZGS for three complete floors in the St Martin Tower.

Detailed recording, analysis and evaluation of space data

Thanks to “Digital Services” from ZGS, THA Immo Verwaltungs GmbH is also gaining fresh insights into the structure and operation of their building. The existing lighting is used as an infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT), helping to obtain new and valuable information. A show floor with eight rooms in the Meeting Centre of the St Martin Tower is equipped with presence sensors that were recently connected to the cloud. Luminaires, sensors and the lighting management system work together to create one intelligent networked system that collects much more than just lighting technology data. Large amounts of information about factors such as space management can be recorded, collected and visualised on a dashboard, enabling the company to improve processes such as cleaning operations. This information is analysed and evaluated in detail by ZGS in cooperation with the THA Immo Verwaltungs GmbH, enabling the client to constantly monitor the condition of the rooms. In this way, the sensor data can be used to achieve concrete added value for the business.

The operating company additionally benefits from the “remote monitoring” service provided by ZGS. The luminaires permanently transmit data about their current output, feeding a system that alerts the facility manager to any faults and therefore enables a prompt and proactive response – before any luminaires fail. The remote system analysis detects problems immediately, optimising the operation of the overall lighting system in the tower and increasing maintenance efficiency.

Constantly optimising room conditions

Thanks to the “Digital Services” from ZGS, THA Immo Verwaltungs GmbH can accurately judge the current status of the rooms and check KPIs without the need for tricky and time-consuming manual calculations. These new insights help to constantly track and adjust the state of the individual spaces, which should also pave the way for significant potential savings in the long run.

About Zumtobel Group Services

The Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS) brand offers one of the most extensive services in the lighting industry. This covers turnkey project management and light contracting, counselling and the commissioning of lighting management systems and emergency lighting systems, right up to worldwide technology and maintenance services. Furthermore, ZGS provides its customers in the fast-growing market of networked lighting with the use and analysis of ‘Digital Services’. Zumtobel Group Services turns light into tailor-made and ready-to-use overall solutions. It is a brand of the Zumtobel Group AG, with its group headquarters located in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg (Austria). More information can be found at www.zgservices.com


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