The Fulton Awards began as a tribute to the late Dr Sandy Fulton for his outstanding contribution to the understanding of concrete, its development, and improvement.  Sandy Fulton was unquestionably one of the doyens of the international concrete industry with impressive achievements in research contained in 35 published papers.  He left a legacy of scientific and technological advances in the construction industry.

The Fulton Awards continue as a celebration of the life and achievements of this remarkable South African.

Through the Fulton Awards, the Concrete Society recognizes and honours excellence and innovation in the design use of  concrete. The Awards are made symbolically to the structure/initiative and are presented to the entire team responsible for its construction, including the owner, developer, all professionals, and the contractors.

The Award Categories for 2019 are:

  • Buildings up to 3-storey  - Residential, schools, commercial, factories, warehousing, industrial, etc.
  • Buildings more than 3-storey -  Office building, multi-family housing, etc.
  • Infrastructure up to R100 million value  -  Bridges, roads, water resources, marine structures, power, transportation, etc.
  • Infrastructure > R100 million value  -  As above, but of greater project value.
  • Innovation in Concrete Projects - Projects where totally new materials/techniques/technologies/applications/design and/or concepts, using concrete as the principal material have been utilised.
  •  Innovation in Concrete  -  Initiatives where totally new materials, techniques, technologies, applications, designs, and/or concepts, using concrete as the principal material have been developed.
  • Architectural Concrete  -  Use of concrete as the principal construction material, demonstrating a unique and exceptional structure, surface finishes or particular detail, in an aesthetic manner.

Closing date for Nominations – 31st August 2018

Visit the website or download the documents below.


The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) honoured property owners, accredited professionals (AP) and individuals.

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