Dr Luisa Bravo is the go-to guru on Public Space. As an international educator and speaker, a social entrepreneur & public space activist, her cross-disciplinary approach to understanding the complexities of the contemporary city, has given her a well-rounded and integrated understanding of the public space. Her research is internationally-acclaimed and she is sought after as a dynamic and relevant authority on the matter.

As Founder and President of City Space Architecture, an NGO aimed at promoting public space, architecture and culture, and partner of the UN-Habitat’s Global Public Space Programme, Bravo has drawn together key players on projects, conferences, workshops and exhibitions around public spaces. Through this collaborative platform, she launched The Journal of Public Space, the first international, multi-disciplinary, academic journal exclusively championing the topic of “Public Spaces.” Bravo’s influence has reached far and wide, with her lecture “Stand up for Public Space” included in the 2017 UN-Habitat Global Urban Lectures series, a prevalent online outreach initiative.

As Chief Architectural Engineer of her company Bravo Design and with over 15 years of experience in urban design, Bravo has as much insight to give into the future of urban planning on an intellectual level, as she does on a practical level. In essence, she is not only a “thinker,” but a “doer” – both the expert and the experienced. She is a future-focused individual and an ace at imparting her hard-won knowledge.

If we could sum up Bravo in one word, it would be “transformer”, as she renovates the intellectual, social, cultural and physical architecture of the Public Space, and passionately pursues real change for organisations and individuals alike.

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