The role, function and practice methods of the architect have fundamentally changed over the last twenty five years. Just about everything is different now - the world, the people, the climate, the economies, the wars, the amount of human misery and the level of dysfunction of all entrenched political systems .

Mostly, the technology is completely different.

The traditional, or classic, methods of practicing architecture popular and profitable up to the turn of the century have been replaced by a vastly different methodology which is only just finding its way into the mainstream now. In South Africa in particular, architects are going through harsh times due to a stagnating economy in constant recession, the near total collapse of the formal building industry and a sustained absence of responsible governance at local, provincial and national level.

In this series of forthcoming articles I aim to identify and analyse the traditional methods of practice which have either disappeared altogether or morphed into something responsive and pro-active which finds meaning and purpose in servicing a divided and diverse society and a dominating informal economy.

It is my belief that the future architect will have to be  Ethical, Digital & Responsive in order to survive and thrive. The final objective of this series is to describe the systems available to the Architect 2020 and how those systems can become sustainable and passive sources of revenue for life.