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We always aim to develop building designs quickly but carefully, so as to allow the maximum time possible for detailed design development. Our clients are also encouraged to become involved in the design process from the start, as their detailed input is essential in the evolution of the building design. The production team works extremely quickly once concepts are agreed, and can often produce tender documents on large projects within weeks of appointment. We are however extremely flexible at all stages of the project, and ensure that all their clients’ needs are fully incorporated. We have an extremely sophisticated range of hardware and software, which now allows us to spend more time both responding to clients’ needs, and developing high quality technical information for the construction team. Our computer model generating facilities are also greatly valued by our clients, who are keen to see photo realistic images of their projects at a very early stage.

The extent to which our office is computerized also allows us to process technical information extremely quickly which in turn allows us to offer extremely short pre-contract design time and sophisticated post-contract financial monitoring and project management.

Building Design in Kenya must respond to climatic, cultural, economic and aesthetic influences, with the result that all our Projects have their own individual character. Materials are always used which are practical, economical and that can withstand the variable African climate.

Each project, however small, is designed, detailed and built to the highest possible standards. The best designed and constructed buildings will always market more readily than other less well-designed buildings, so all their buildings are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, enjoyable to use, economic and capable of adaptation and extension. We produce buildings that often have a sense of fun, but will always be commercially successful due to well thought out and well-designed architecture. Some of their buildings are nearly 14 years old, and demonstrate the benefits to our clients in getting it right first time! The economics of building in a developing country creates an extremely tight market, because of rapidly fluctuating building and finance costs. Prices per unit area can vary greatly from region to region and the choice of building materials, structural systems and finishes can greatly influence the final budget. We instruct our consultants and quantity surveyors to maintain a strict eye on the project budget during both pre-contract and post-contract design stages.