B Different : New Tech Eco Friendly Coatings Now in South Africa

There are many good reasons for the current move away from the use of toxic, hazardous or environmentally unfriendly building materials - such as petroleum based paints and coatings. The problem has always been finding alternatives...

As South Africans move toward a greener way of living, more people are becoming increasingly aware of harmful substances within our surroundings & everyday items that we use.

Over the past 8 years, B-Earth has been hard at work developing, testing, sampling & fine-tuning the recipes for a range of Eco Friendly coatings .

B-Earth does not use lead or harmful additives in our products, nor do we use them in the manufacturing process . Most of our products have a zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) rating. This means that there are no unsafe toxins that can be released into the air and inhaled, causing nausea, fatigue, skin reactions or abdominal pain, these just being some of the side effects of paints that contain harmful substances.

With our coatings being odourless and free of toxins, it’s possible to paint a room while it’s still being occupied, this means no down time and no headaches. And with a quick drying period, you can easily redecorate a room in a day.

With tests being done by the Paint Research Council in the U.K; Consulting Enterprises in Technology in Australia; the CSIR in South Africa as well as the SABS, we are confident that B-Earth’s coatings will far outlast our guarantee of 7 years.

Our track record is impressive and we have supplied coating products to many international & local residential, commercial & industrial clients during our years. From the Bondi Beach Iceberg in Australia to Riverside Mall in Nelspruit, not to forget all our residential projects throughout Gauteng, Mpumalanga & Western Cape.

Environmental & physical specifications of B-Earth products:

¨ Long lasting, non-toxic, breathable membranes
¨ Resistant to diverse weather conditions
¨ Colourfast, UV resistant & odourless
¨ Contains no lead or heavy metals
¨ Waterproofing qualities
¨ Water bearing acrylic emulsion
¨ Highly penetrating
¨ Not combustible or flammable
¨ No acute, chronic or toxic effect on humans
¨ Stable when following handling & storage recommendations
¨ Not carcinogenic
¨ Highly biodegradable
¨ No known aquatic toxicity
¨ None of our products are classified as hazardous by the European Economic Community.
¨ None of our products are listed on the Toxic Substances Control act as harmful.

As all our products are water-borne, brushes, rollers, spray-guns and other applicators are all cleaned with water.

We are proud to also mention that our manufacturing process has minimal impact on the natural environment, with no air, soil or water pollution being caused by our factories. With the limited water discharge that does occur, no environmental threats are posed as our products biodegrade naturally and there is no damage to the underground water system. Our resident frog lives happily in the pond next to our factory in Pretoria, proving that we run a clean operation.

For more information and to view the complete range of products offered by B-Earth visit the website: http://www.b-earth.co.za