The AZA 2010 Pavilion by Sarah Calburn & Dustin Tusnovics

The AZA Pavilion is a live, full scale demonstration building on Mary Fitzgerald Square using a range of alternative building materials. The building demonstrates not only light-weight and fully insulated building materials (that can be handled by women), but also demonstrates an alternative approach to the design and construction methods of community-based, integrated housing models.

The Pavilion has been constructed on the Square in 12 days by 4 teams of women and yougsters from Thinasonke Informal Settlement (Alrode South), and will be dismantled after the AZA Event and re-erected as a community centre in Thinasonke. We are working in close collaboration with the Federation of the Urban Poor on this project.

All the women from (and residents of) Thinasonke are long-standing members of the Federation. This project has been funded by a range of generous sponsors, among them Lombard Insurance Group, Basil Read (PTY) LTD, Business and Arts South Africa, E-Lite, SIPS Industries and many more.

SPACE MATTERS - architecture and urbanism
Sarah Calburn and Dustin Tusnovics

tel: 011 447 0867
fax: 086 686 6493

Photographs by Delphina Musisi

SET 1 - The People & The Opening Ceremony
SET 2 - External Views
SET 3 - Internal Views
SET 4 - Detail Views (1)
SET 5 - Detail Views (2) - Stairs