8 Outstanding Feature Walls Designs

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If you are searching for a simple yet efficient way to transform and liven up any space, respected designers suggest trying feature walls. The feature or statement wall has the function to differentiate a specific wall or area of the room from the walls that are surrounding it. It can be either a high-impact differentiation or a subtle one. It is up to you to be creative, play with colors and patterns, and choose what exactly you want to highlight in your room. The options are endless.

Meanwhile, we have some ideas that could inspire you to transform your house & make an impressive style statement:

  1. Vertical garden wall

If you want to feel closer to nature while enjoying the comfort of your house, this design will make it possible. Grow your own vertical garden, and you will have fresh air and green plants all year round (for those of you who enjoy 4 seasons), plus you will have the impression of being outdoors even during the lazy days when all you want to do is stay inside. This wall looks amazing and it will definitely cheer you up and add a touch of originality to any room!

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Renée Minnaar wins 31st Corobrik Architectural Awards

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Renée Minnaar wins 31st Corobrik Architectural AwardsRenée Minnaar from the University of Pretoria is this year's winner of the Corobrik Architectural Student of the Year Award. Her thesis, entitled, Remediator - Restoring the dichotomous relationship between industry and nature through an urban eco-textile mill and dye house impressed the judges with its insightful way of tackling quintessentially South African issues that cross generations and present compelling reasons to rethink the local built environment in South Africa.
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Paragon Architects Design Nairobi's first Vertical Village

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Paragon Architects Design Nairobi's first Vertical Village

Architecture and interior architecture practice Paragon, in conjunction with Design Source of Nairobi, is overseeing Habitat Apartments in Kilimani, a 24-storey, 160-unit mixed-use apartment tower. Under development by Ekco Investments, the project is scheduled for completion by mid-2020

The design brief was for a tall building that maximised the development potential, while containing excavation and foundation costs. At first, the project was envisaged as a long-stay apartment-hotel. However, both the brief and the sales process evolved over time, explains Paragon Founding Director Henning Rasmuss, who attended the official site-handover ceremony on 8 November 2017.

Habitat Apartments “rethinks the concept of a vertical village” in a site that straddles the urban network of Nairobi’s Kilimani Central Business District. “The idea was to be as efficient as possible, and afford the city perhaps its first vertically-articulated building,” Paragon Architect Edwin Seda comments.

In this context, the smallest unit size, a studio apartment, explores the same level of spatial discipline as the largest penthouse at the very top. The building’s verticality was emphasised in the planning and massing through a series of linear signatures on the façade, with multiple occurrences on the lighting fins, façade openings, and an overall perforated concept to the building that fades as the building rises.

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Upcoming young artist Chris Soal has been announced as the overall winner of the PPC Imaginarium Awards 2018.

Young artist Chris Soal’s PPC Imaginarium Award-winning piece, entitled “Imposed Structure to the Detriment of the Members”, consists of cement cast into the shape of a deflated and scuffed soccer ball, through which a construction rebar has been forced.

At a gala event held at the University of Johannesburg Art Gallery on the evening of 4 April 2018, upcoming young artist Chris Soal was announced as the overall winner of the PPC Imaginarium Awards 2018. The 24-year-old sculptor, a fine arts graduate from the University of the Witwatersrand, garnered R150 000 in prize money, and participation in an eight-month-long nationwide travelling exhibition.

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