End of the Road for a Brave New Cape Town

3 days 9 hours ago

By Robert Silke

The future for the Cape Town City Bowl simply has to be tall and dense if it is to equitably accommodate more people. Elegant and sculptural high-rise towers offer a Hong Kong or Singapore-like future for our city, and therefore the opportunity for ordinary citizens to have a real stake in central Cape Town - even if that stake takes the form of a 30 square metre bachelor studio.

Patricia de Lille promised to be the first mayor of Cape Town (or indeed any South African city) to take a real interest in the spatial transformation of the city.

While political and (then) economic transformation have both been at the top of the ruling party's agenda since 1994, the elephant in the room remains in the form of apartheid's most visceral and potent legacy, that being the spatial and racial segregation that continues to stunt our cities.

And Cape Town's transport network, designed more in the service of segregation than efficiency, is bursting at the seams - with the poor (as usual) taking the brunt of...

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